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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-19 10:07:00

My question is where do you see the future of the NWA going? Power was a very enjoyable show to watch and to follow and it seemed to have a decent audience built up and then the pandemic took place and they did a terrible job giving updates on whether they would return or not. I know the plan to bring Power back at some point this year, but how do you feel they will handle it and would it be able to have that same kind of momentum it had when it started in 2019? To be honest, I don't know if they will be able to find that same kind of demand for that product at this rate. Do you see Nick Aldis possibly having a run in AEW feuding with Cody again for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship? It's just sad that we are hardly seeing Aldis work a lot recently.

It really all depends on what Billy Corgan wants to do.  He owns it and it was his decision to take a pause during the pandemic.  When you think about it, what made the NWA unique was doing the small Memphis Wrestling in WMC-TV studios style atmosphere and you can't have THAT without the audience.  It wasn't advisable in the pandemic to have such a gathering.   I don't believe they did a terrible job updating.  I don't think they knew what the plan was and it was pretty obvious they didn't, because the world didn't know.  I don't see Nick coming to AEW unless the idea is Cody gets a run with the title.  If not, they are just running the same circles.

First off, great work with the site. I check it daily and trust the news posted here. My question is about the Spanish announce table. It seems Every time wrestlers go to use an announce table for a spot, they use the Spanish announce table first. I’m curious the reasoning for this. Did it start as an inside joke first and then just become a running gag? Or is it due to less camera shots of the announcers at that table, compared to the English speaking announcers? Thanks for having answers for all sorts of questions.

I don't think it was done as an inside joke as much as it was they could do their spots without screwing with the primary announcing team at the time, which was the English language team.  Like anything else that worked well the first time, they went back to the well over and over and over again with it.

Whatever happened to Damien Sandow?

He's living in California and acting while also booking Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

I saw Madison Square Garden will hold events again.  When do you go back?

When I am vaccinated.

If Main Eventing MSG was a huge deal for a wrestler's career back in the NWA days how come the NWA World Title never changed hands there? Was the building always considered big or did it happen after Vince Sr. left the NWA?

The NWA title never changed hands there because the McMahons never controlled the NWA championship, so they weren't going to put that over their own champion.   There was talk of Bruno Sammartino working as NWA champion but arguments over the schedule Sammartino would have had to keep destroyed those plans. Since McMahon never had control of the NWA title, there was no need for one of his wrestlers to win the belt, The building was always considered big because it was the biggest Arena in the top market in the country.

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