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By Adam Cardoza on 2021-02-14 15:18:00

Beyond Wrestling “Pro Wrestling Illustrated Presents: The Iron Match”

2/14/21 - 2pm - Williamstown, NJ
Beyond Wrestling YouTube

First, a series of tweets that got us here:

Tony Deppen, fresh off his 2-hour Ironman Match with Jordan Oliver at Fight Forever, blasts an idea into the Twitterverse.

There were many “yes” responses (and one definitive “No” from the head of the Creep Squad) but it was the reply from the current Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion Trish Adora that caught his eye.

Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro was quick to jump in, offering his intergender-friendly platform for this potentially historic matchup.

But of course, everyone is just talking hypotheticals on Twitter until....

And then it became more real...

And then very real...

And so today on Valentine’s Day, LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE on Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube page (and likely headed to IWTV), the match Twitter called into reality happens. A 60-minute inter gender iron match. Beyond is selling shirts for the event to benefit Grateful Garment & Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter in Washington DC. The H20 Wrestling Center is our host for today’s event.

We’re getting a preliminary contest, a H2O Wrestling showcase match featuring some of “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont’s students!

Pre-Show Match: “The Grimy Bastard” Deklan Grant vs Alex Stretch vs “Big Red” Ryan Redfield

Redfield gets double teamed in the corner right at the bell. Grant and Stretch go toe to toe. Declan with a DVD for two. Redfield recovers and hits a pounce on Stretch. Wild clothesline on Grant but Stretch out of nowhere with a flying kick. Grant with a suplex on Stretch for two. Stretch with a huge german on Redfield. Stretch slams Grant onto Redfield and all most gets the double stack pin. Stretch’s manager Ms Blakey hits the ring but she clotheslines her man before getting dumped outside. Redfield with a spinning uranage to Grant to get the pin. Fun little opener to test the stream and get some tv time for the H2O kids. 

Winner: Ryan Redfield

We get a quick offline break before we go right to the ring. Rich Palladino is your announcer. Denver Colorado is on commentary. Chris Bankos is your referee.

The Match: Tony Deppen vs Trish Adora (60-minute Iron Match)

Bell rings. Deppen and Adora shake hands before going into the test of strength and lockup. They push off as Deppen slowly stalks forward. He gets the arm and drags Adora to the mat. Trish reverses the hold. Deppen is forced to disengage. Back to the test of strength and Adora shoves Deppen back into the bridge. Tony get the wrist. Adora rolls through and works the shoulder. Deppen escapes and powders. He’s frustrated, making a point to tell Denver Colorado “She almost got me”. Deppen back, wraps up the wrist and drags her down, Adora reverses into a head scissors. Deppen pulls out, grabs the legs and works into a double arm STF. Deppen makes Adora clap for him in the hold. Deppen wrenching the leg, Adora trying to roll him up but he stays in control, pulling her into a butterfly facelock. Deppen hangs onto that leg through multiple roll through attempts. Adora chops free and they trade shoulder blocks. Speeding up into leapfrogs and pin attempts. Adora drags Deppen down with a wristlock. Deppen slips into a seated cloverleaf that looks groooooosssssss. 

50 minutes remain.

Trish grapevines the legs and pulls at Deppen’s shoulder. Deppen with the crucifix pin attempt. Deppen working the knee with holds and strikes. Adora makes space and shoves Deppen to the buckles. Deppen tries and armdrag but falls into a cross arm breaker. Deppen out and powders again. He needs a little time to gather his head while Adora shakes off the pain in her knee. Deppen swiping at the face, annoys Adora and she rips him to the mat from a waist lock. Adora dropping slaps to the back of the head and Deppen escapes again. He’s getting extremely frustrated. Adora slips in with a fireman’s carry slam and a wristlock. Deppen pulls in a head scissors, rolls though the break into mount and through again into an anaconda vice. Adora gets the rope with her foot. Deppen gets that leg and lands some kicks before grapevining again and pulls her up into a bow and arrow style choke. Adora gets out and gets another roll up attempt in. Deppen powders again and gets some water. Adora goes low, absorbs some kicks and takes Deppen down at the knee. Both trying to work the ankle, Adora takes the worst of it and winds up with a knee in her back. Deppen pulls her back into a surfboard stretch variant and kicks her forward, sending Adora face-first into the canvas. Deppen yelling at Adora that everyone told him she would give him a run for his money in this so she needs to prove it. Adora charges in and gets the legs again. 

40 minutes remain.

Deppen reverses into a trailer hitch style hold. Adora pulls Deppen in for a wrist lock. Deppen stretching the knee and hips as Adora lands some loud chest chops. Trish is up and landing more chops. Rush into the buckle and Trish with a curb stomp to the shoulder. Adora traps the arm and tries a cross face but Deppen says back into a deep cloverleaf. “Show me some fight” says Deppen as he muscles her shoulders to the mat and begins picking apart the other leg. Trish retreats to the ropes to gets life back in her limbs. Trading leg kicks and strikes as they get increasingly heated at each other. Trish’s legs are beat but Deppen is sent to the mat with an emotion-filled forearm. Adora gets the back and drives knee into the small of the back and get a body scissor. Roll into a pin attempt for two but Deppen pulls her into another cloverleaf. Adora out to get the ankle, Deppen striking at the legs and Adora loses the submission. Deppen back to the trailer hitch, confidently doing sit-ups and giving thumbs ups to the camera while Adora pulls them to the rope. Deppen breaks the hold to stomp out the knee to almost the five count. Deppen grabs some water and spits it in her face. Adora fires up and pummels him with strikes. Deppen with a double leg take but Adora into full mount and dropping bombs. Deppen powders again but Adora gives chase. Battling on the outside, Deppen eats chops on the apron and makes it back in before the count. 

30 minutes remain. 

Deppen with a slap and stomp to the ankle before wrapping up the legs again. “Give up so I can go home!” Says Deppen as he drops shots to Trish’s ribs. Adora gets that head scissors in again, this time doing some pushups while Deppen struggles in the hold. Deppen gets his head out and works to a kimura lock. Deppen pops his head out and Adora locks in a dragon sleep variant. Deppen almost goes out but he gets an arm on the rope. Deppen staggers out of the ring again to hop onto commentary. “why did you book me against her, Drew???”. “Go back and get your A** kicking”, says Denver Colorado. Deppen fires up at that and charges the ring. Adora down and Deppen stomping on the ankle. Adora forces Deppen into a split and he is screaming for his groin and thigh muscles. Adora drops the leg and wraps up the wrist again. The hold rocks back and forth, Deppen rolls it into a front facelock. Adora gets a hammerlock, Deppen tries to roll through but Adora holding on. Deppen tries to apply his own hammerlock but Trish dumps him to the floor. Deppen back in and shoulder blocked down. Speeding up again as Trish hits a big boot for a two count. Deppen sets up a side Russian leg sweep that he rolls into a stretch muffler. He can’t hold it long but he rolls up to pop up into a double stomp to the knee for two. Deppen goes for a surfboard stretch but just stomps out the knees. 

20 minutes remain.  

Back up and Adora lands a strike but Deppen easily grabs the weakening legs and takes her down again. Deppen starts freestyling his submissions as he ties use the legs and shoulder of Adora with his legs. Deppen gets the back and lands clubbing blows to the head. Deppen with a running knee drop to the back of the head. Kick out! Adora up to hit a pair of enziguris, a german and wraps up a half Nelson crucifix with her legs. Adora rolls Deppen into several pinning predicaments and into a cross face. Deppen to the ropes but he’s exhausted. Adora working that shoulder with pulls and strikes. Adora with a hammerlock over the middle rope and Deppen is in agony. Adora pulling the shoulder, kicking and stomping at Deppen’s limb. Deppen is going limp with the pain. Adora makes the cover. Out at two. Adora with a fireman’s carry but her legs won’t hold it.  Deppen tries to whip out of danger but Adora backpacks him with a sleeper. The hand drops twice but Deppen wont go to sleep. Deppen drops her to the mat but they are both recovering and barely beating the 10-count. Kneeling and trading slow pained shots as they get more and more fired up at each other.

10 minutes left. 

Standing in the center. Trading forearms back and forth in a flurry. Adora screams and hits a series of shots. Deppen with kicks. Stalemate on lariat attempts. Deppen misses a lariat and Trish rebounds to hit the Lariat Tubman for the sudden (and FIRST) fall. 

Trish is ahead 1-0. They get a 30-second break in the action. Deppen is barely moving as the bell rings him back into action. 

Deppen traps Trish in the corner and dragon screws her. Back to the mat, Deppen with a bridge-style STF. But Adora gets the rope. Adora eats a flying knee that staggers her. Backslide into a superkick. Deppen with a brain buster. Adora kicks out. Deppen driving the knee over and over into the mat. Adora steaming and forced to submit to the damage.

We are tied 1-1.

Deppen stalking and whipping Adora to the corners, forcing her to make the legs work. Trish collapses to the mat as she cannot make the run...but she can hit a german. Air raid crash from Trish. Kick out! Adora hits a clothesline as Deppen turns around. Adora willing herself to life and screams as she hits the Lariat Tubman again. This time Deppen gets his foot on the foot. Both out on the apron, trading forearms. Double big boot and they both falls to the concrete floor. They make the ring before the count and trade slaps and forearms in the center of the ring. Deppen with a knee and a fisherman’s driver for two. Deppen is furious. 

1 minute left.

Deppen is furious. Knee to the back of the head. Top rope double stomp to Trish. Kick out! Trish catches him running into a backbreaker. Trish wrenching for a cross face. Deppen rolls through towards the rope but Trish gets a crucifix pin. Three count with about 5 seconds left!

Trish is ahead 2-1.

There’s no time for Deppen to do anything else. He’s in shock as the bell rings on the match clock. It’s over!

Winner: Trish Adora (2-1)

Deppen gets right into Adora’s face after the match. He says he wanted this intergender match and it proved that Trish is just as good as anyone in this ring and we should be seeing her everywhere. I concur, Mr. Deppen. This was a QUITE GOOD and well structured iron match. An aggressive technical chess match from bell to bell, the final 10-15 minutes building on all the damage they did to each other through the matchup. Very good stuff and never felt like the energy slowed in the contest. Deppen was great as the mouth heel, begging for Trish to prove herself, even though she’d sent him packing to the outside in frustration repeatedly. I hope Beyond sold a lot of charity shirts today. Beyond Wrestling has other content in the works coming in the near future, most notably a Saturday night spot in the IWTV “Showcase of the Independents” lineup during Wrestlemania week in Tampa this April. Until then!

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