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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-17 10:00:00

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Edge’s Rumble win makes me think Randy Orton is going to win the title leading to the Wrestlemania match.  How do you think it could play out?

If it were to happen, BADLY!  It would be just like when Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho had a great storyline going which should have led to them fighting for the Title at Mania, and WWE threw the Goldberg monkey wrench into the plans.  Orton should not win the Title.  He should not fight Edge.  It would seem he has unfinished business with Bray Wyatt.  That should be his match this year.

I really enjoyed the Women's Royal Rumble and admired the skills the women showed.  I also liked hearing Jerry Lawler on commentary again.  But -- and maybe I'm getting woke in my old age -- hearing Lawler do his "drooling over the women" shtick just seemed... wrong.  The women are having a tremendous match and he's all "This is my dream come true!" and "Just pretend they're all fighting over you!"  Seems like that type of commentary is from a time long past that really doesn't fit today.  Curious about your thoughts; am I being a little too sensitive?

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

Lawler is 71 years old.  Him lusting over women that could be his granddaughters is definitely creepy to me as well.  I thought the schtick got old when “puppies” became his trademark.  Now that he is an old man, it’s just creepy.  On top of that, I agree.  It can be seen as demeaning to the wrestlers.

I wanted to just say that I disagree with you on women fighting men in wrestling. It absolutely is believable. We can talk about a man's brute strength all day, but it's no secret that such a thing is hardly the deciding factor in a fight either. There's no question in my mind that Ronda would best Brock in a real fight (not handicapped fighting like MMA), because she not only has the knowledge and cardio, but she has spent her entire life learning how to fight people like Brock thanks to her mother's intense training regimin. Somebody like Ronda is practically a lethal weapon with just her skill set alone, let alone her mind-set when she has nothing holding her back from using her entire set of said skills. In a proper wrestling match, with a reliance on usage of wrestling holds and basic striking and submissions as well, the idea that a woman could win is well within the realm of believability because it's all about shifting someone's weight to your advantage, even if it is by way of logic pushed to the extreme as pro wrestling tends to do. Does that mean that a woman should just power through any man's offense without struggle? No. That being said, that's a problem with the men as well, and in the WWE no less. If a match is wrestled properly, the idea that anyone can beat anyone is very easy to take, because nobody is trying to push the boundaries of wrestling psychology past anything that is believable anyway. By the way, this comment on your opinion of men fighting women can be left as a private response or made public if you wish to make an example in any manner of it.

If you really think Ronda could be Brock in a shoot fight, there is nothing I can say to you other than this: She lost to TWO women in UFC.  You can believe what you want, but you are also saying that Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes could beat Brock in a fight too, which is borderline insane to me.

NXT has been using many of the old NWA/WCW PPVs as of late and I was wondering if there have been any rumors on NXT using Starrcade? I am aware that Starrcade was used for a few WWE house shows, by the way.

I haven't heard of anything at this time concerning them using the name.

Why doesn't the WWE do dance-offs anymore?

Yes, that's exactly right.


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