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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-16 09:59:00

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How is Vince allowing his wrestlers to be on other shows, one week before wrestlemania? This weekend alone you had shaq on bkfc handing out a belt in the middle of the ring with no mask on. And then you have drew and the miz competing in a shaq gameshow. Isn't Vince worried about covid?

That's why they test first.  Plus, you don't know who has been vaccinated at this point.  Also, Drew had COVID so he should have antibodies.

I was curious why Damien Sandow never found his way to AEW or back to WWE.  He was a great talker, solid in the ring, and a good in-ring performer.  Yet, outside of short appearances in Impact and NWA, he went nowhere.  Thoughts?

Well, he was in WWE, doing what I thought was very good work, and wasn't pushed so I can see why he didn't go back/get brought back.  As for AEW, I can't say.

I do not currently subscribe to Peacock TV because it isn’t available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Will I still be able to access WWE Network content after March 8?

Only if you get a device that supports Peacock.  Roku has a cheap model under $30.

Assuming none of the fans in attendance at Wrestlemania are going to be tested for COVID before entering the stadium (like the performers are), how would WWE handle the PR nightmare scenario of an outbreak occurring caused by the fans in attendance, potentially putting the entire WWE roster at risk?

I think if there are fans there, WWE will do something, at least temperature checks.  I think they will follow whatever protocols that the NFL did for the Super Bowls.  With that said, it's an outdoor stadium.  I don't see WWE letting fans anywhere near the wrestlers so it's a moot point.

If Wrestlemania is to take place over two nights going forward after COVID, what would be the best way to schedule the weekend, taking into account the Hall of Fame, NXT, and any other shows that WWE would have during that weekend?

They do one show on Saturday and one show on Sunday, period.  No NXT, No Hall, No Axxess.  Clearly due to the pandemic we are not at a point where we can have a usual Mania weekend.

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