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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-15 10:00:00

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At one point in time, what seems like a long long time ago, turning was or had a wow or shock factor. Example being seeing Hogan turn heel or Michaels superkick Marty. In today's modern time, seeing someone turn no longer has that feel. I think seeing Big Show turn multiple times was the beginning of when turning officially lost his steam. What's your take on why turning no longer has that shock factor and when do you believe was the beginning of when it did?

You have to compare now vs. then.  Then, the business was about getting you out to shows and buying PPVs.  TV was about just telling stories.  Plus, there were different places for talents go and work, keeping them fresher.  Now, TV is the primary revenue source so they blow through storylines and character changes quickly.  Turns happen because the same talents are with the company for long periods of time.  The world has changed for wrestling.

What do you think WWE can do to bring that wow factor back?

I don't know that it will ever come back as long as it is a TV first product.  They have a lot of time to fill every single week.

Also I want to see if you agree seeing UE in NXT turning babyface was a total dud?

It's too soon to say for me.  I want to see where they go with it.

And last, is it time for King Corbin to lose the crown and go back to being the NXT motorcycle riding Baron Corbin?

The King gimmick isn't working in my opinion.  I would be fine with a character change, and that goes back to your first question above.  That's why they flip people so often.

Question if I may. Nia Jax has been involved in more than her share of botched spots that ended in talent legitimately being hurt. They are for the most part a result of her mistake/negligence. Yet she continually keeps joking about her hurting people in these spots and obviously is reckless and uncaring. At what point does WWE say enough is enough and they stop using her/release her? Especially considering she is not that great to begin with.

I don't know but honestly, after the "My Hole" garbage from last week's Raw, they need to do something.  To me, it was totally unprofessional.  After all of the table spots that Lana took for her, she ruined what should have been a big moment for Lana.  That was bush league stuff to me.  I don’t know how she could possibly spin it as a positive.  If she thought she was helping Lana doing that then she really needs to go back to the PC and learn about how the business works.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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