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By Mike Johnson on 2020-12-15 15:37:00

The Monday Night Raw episode that aired last night was very much the show as it was originally written, although specific placement of segments and where they would fit into the show changed over the course of the day.  There was also a lot of re-writing of dialogue as the day went on, but this was very much a Vince McMahon vision described by one source as "the writers giving him what he wants."

One major change that happened over the course of the day was originally Keith Lee vs. The Miz was penciled in as a singles match but that changed to a handicap match over the course of Monday.  Lee was not slated to go over before the change, either.

One thing is for sure, a bit of controversy here and there is certainly not going to hurt WWE’s – and RAW’s – rising popularity among sports fans who are into gambling. As a matter of fact, WWE has amazing untapped potential when it comes to betting, hence it comes as no surprise that more and more reputable gambling sites now offer the possibility to bet on all the main WWE events.

Retribution pushing Ricochet to join their group is something that will continue to play out in the weeks ahead.

The talk coming out of Raw is that Lana was expected to be off TV for the next several weeks, possibly as long as 3-4 weeks.  There was some buzz last night that perhaps this was an angle to bring Charlotte Flair back on Sunday, but has not yet confirmed that to be the plan.

As you may have seen by the way Raw went off the air, the show had numerous segments run long, which management was not happy about.

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