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By Mike Johnson on 2020-11-20 16:00:00 has also confirmed the exit of Brian Nurse from World Wrestling Entertainment, the second Executive departure this week

Nurse was hired by WWE as Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary in September 2018.    In the press release announcing Nurse's 2018 addition to the company, WWE stated Nurse would be "a key member of WWE's senior leadership team" and would be reporting directly to Vince McMahon, so he was as high as possible within the hierachy of the company.

The 2018 announcement promised that Nurse would be, "responsible for overseeing the legal affairs of the company: and served as principal legal advisor to WWE's Chairman & CEO, Co-Presidents, and the company’s executive management team, overseeing litigation, intellectual property, government relations, risk management, talent contracts and compliance" for WWE.  

Nurse also served as Corporate Secretary to WWE’s Board of Directors.

Prior to WWE, Nurse worked for Pepsi and Nestle.

Nurse follows John Brody in exiting the company this week. is working to confirm additional terminations on the executive level of WWE.

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