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By Kendall Jenkins on 2020-11-05 07:20:00

Dogecoin is a promising cryptocurrency and a representative of a new altcoin generation. However, the history of this cryptocurrency goes back to a silly joke made in 2013 by Adobe product developer, Jackson Palmer, it gained a lot of fans in a very short period of time. The fast production schedule made this cryptocurrency a competitor to Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Bitcoin for some reason.

Dogecoin mining parameters are closer to Litecoin, which means the transactions in blockchain are provided faster than in the Bitcoin blockchain. Dogecoin block time is only one minute compared to 2,5 minutes required for LTC. 

Nowadays the Dogecoin community grows exponentially providing a lot of fundraising programs that support different social issues, Olympic games, and other initiatives.

Dogecoin is widely used in online gambling and other online operations. In the case of gambling, this cryptocurrency is perfect for betting because it has no limits or restrictions. You can play at Dogecoin casino from any part of the world. 

Dogecoin gambling is very easy to provide. Just follow the next steps;

  1. Register on a casino website. It usually takes not more than 2-3 minutes.

  2. The next step will be making your Dogecoin deposit using your wallet. Write the address attentively as it will not be possible to provide money-back in case of a mistake.

  3.  Choose a game you want to play and then place a bet deciding on the number of lines you are going to play.

  4. Collect your first winnings and provide withdrawal. This process will also take not more than several minutes.

Why Doge is called a “joke currency”

A funny issue connected to Dogecoin is bound to be meme wide popular on the internet. This meme pictures a dog Shiba Inu that looked goofy and ridiculous. That attracted a wide online community that started growing. Now, this cryptocurrency has a high rank but is still called a “joke currency” sometimes.

What casino games can be played with dogecoin 

No need to prove Dogecoin is perfect for gambling and it makes possible online casinos playing with a high level of safety and anonymity. The transactions in Dogecoin gambling provide even faster than in Litecoin gambling.  If you are interested in gaming using Dogecoin, pay attention to these 7Bit Casino slots that are the best dogecoin games:

  1. Book Of Doom by Belatra Games. This slot is equipped with five spinning reels and three raws. The game plot reveals the secrets of Egypt giving plenty of bonus opportunities.

  2. Creepy Carnival by NoLimits. This picturesque slot has five spinning reels and offers a lot of bonus opportunities, such as free spins, Star Spin, Extra Wilds, Scatter, and others. The game plot is connected to creepy monsters.

  3.  Childhood Sweets created by Spinomenal has five reels, Scatter, and Wild symbols. The game is dedicated to Russian winter, cuisine, and sweets.

  4. Story Of Hercules by Spinomenal offers four different modes of free spins and an adventurous plot connected to legends and myths. It has six spinning reels. There is also a 15-lines lines edition of this slot also possible to play with Dogecoin.

  5. Burning Classics by Booming Games. The slot represents a good old classic five-reels slot machine with the possibility to play stacked symbols mode and free spins mode.

  6. Chilli Fiesta by Platipus Production gives a possibility to win a jackpot in case of filling all reels with a jackpot symbol as well as offers 45 free spins at stacked symbols mode.

  7. Wild Wild Spin by Spinomenmal is a beautiful slot with Wild West history connected game plot. It has five spinning reels and offers a great bonus game. 

  8. Arabian Spins by Booming Games will take to an adventurous world from a beautiful Alladin fairytale. This slot offers free spins and a two-way game possibility as well.

At 7Bit casino, you will be additionally rewarded with 13400 Dogecoins if you choose to gamble using this cryptocurrency. Pay attention when choosing a Dogecoin casino as online gambling must be safe for your wallet. Read reviews, check all casino's licenses, and choose wisely.

Dogecoin price predictions

To date, the Dogecoin market rank is about 43 which is not bad for an altcoin. When it comes to price, predictions say it might grow within the next few years, but the possibility it will hit the level of USD 1 is rare. Anyway, the Dogecoin community is very active, and thousands support this cryptocurrency. In the case of exponential community growth and activity, everything is possible.

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