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By Mike Johnson on 2020-09-10 18:48:00

WWE Producer Mike Rotunda, 62, was among those who were officially released by WWE as part of today's cutbacks, has confirmed.

Rotunda, the father of WWE stars Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, had been with WWE in a Producer/Agent role since 2006.  

Rotunda retired from in-ring performances in 2004.  He is perhaps best known as former WWF Tag Team Champion Irwin R. Shyster (IRS) and had a long career in the WWF, WCW, Jim Crockett Promotions, the AWA and Championship Wrestling from Florida, including a memorable run as one of the core members of Kevin Sullivan's Varsity Club in the late 1980s for JCP where he held the NWA World Television Championship. 

Beyond his IRS Tag Team title run with Ted DiBiase, he and Barry Windham held the WWF Tag Team Championships twice as the U.S. Express. is told that Rotunda had been furloughed back in April.   At that time, he opened an official Pro Wrestling Tees store.

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