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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-19 07:15:00

For those of you who looking for content to stream, the following pro-wrestling related content is available for streaming for free at


Adam Cole - The Brain Buster - "The stunning 13-year career of karate-trained wrestling champ Adam Cole comes to a head in this look at some of his most vicious and bitter fights."

AJ Styles: The Phenom - "The wrestling career and highlights of A.J. Styles, who is in the Top 10 of those to win the WWE Championship more than once, is front and center."

Athena: The War Goddess - "The legendary professional wrestler shows off her most brutal moves in this compilation of her impressive fights and iconic takedowns."

Brodie Lee: The Big Rig - 2020 - "The fight career of Brodie Lee, aka ‘The Big Rig,’ who went from WWE superstar to the All Elite Wrestling league." 

Classic Wrestling: Blood, Sweat & Bruises - "The bloodiest battles, the fiercest moments and the most suspenseful incidents of the Universal Wrestling Federation is presented in "Blood, Sweat and Bruises", a Classic Wrestling documentary featuring some of the best action of the (Herb Abrams) UWF."

Classic Wrestling: Brawlin' Beauties GLOW - "Brawlin' Beauties: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" highlights a bevy of the beautiful and feisty femme fatales who wrestled for G.L.O.W. Classic wrestling fans will relive 88-minutes of an all-women comedic presentation of the sport dominated for many years by the men."

Classic Wrestling: Brawlin' Beauties 2 - "The legendary stars and matches of women's professional wrestling history are presented in "Brawlin' Beauties 2." This Classic Wrestling documentary takes a look back at the women who helped to pave the way for today's professional wrestling sports entertainer."

Classic Wrestling: Lone Star Shootout - "The wrestlers are big and bright in Texas in the "Lone Star Shootout". The legendary "Mean Gene" Okerlund hosts this classic look back at professional wrestling history as we relive matches and the events of Southwest Championship Wrestling."

El Generico: The Generic Luchador - "Wrestling fans will enjoy this best-of collection starring masked superstar El Generico in his high-flying, mat pounding excellence in the arena."

Glory Days of Wrestling - Classic matches featuring Gorgeous George, Antonio Rocco, Buddy "Nature Boy" Rogers, Killer Kowalski and more.

Joey Janela - The Bad Boy - "The Bad Boy of wrestling, Joey Janela, is here in this collection of some of his most violent and fearful moments in the ring against opponents."

Jon Moxley: The Dark Horse - "Jon Moxley, Sports Illustrated’s 2019 Wrestler of the Year and one of the Top 500 fighters of all time, is here in some of most violent matches."

Lio Rush: The One - "One of the youngest wrestlers to make the scene with his bold and fearless attitude, here’s a look at the agile, fast, and dangerous Lio Rush."

MJF: The Prodigy - "Pro-wrestling superstar Maxwell Jacob Friedman may be an Ivy League athlete, but he’s also got all the grit and merciless strength his fans admire."

Pro Gay Wrestling - 2016 - "A throwback to the late-night wrestling matches of the ‘70s and‘80s with brags and brawn by a cast of gay wrestlers and their drama behind the fights."  Multiple Episodes.

Urban Wrestling Federation: Bloody Bullet

Urban Wrestling Federation: Street Boss

Women's Extreme Wrestling - Head into the ring for the most violent brawls women’s wrestling has ever hosted where there are no rules, no regulations, and no prisoners taken.

Wrestling’s Greatest Villains - the Golden Era: 28 Classic Wrestlers & 10 Matches - Classic bouts featuring The Kangaroos vs. The Millers, Yukon Eric vs. Killer Kowalski plus The Bruiser, The Crusher, Gorgeous George, Fred Blassie and Lou Albano.

The Young Bucks: The Superkick Brothers - "The sibling wrestler duo of Matt and Nick Jackson, known as the Young Bucks, are the most acrobatic fighters around and prove it!"


Active Stealth - 1999 - "A weary combat pilot has to summon all his talent and courage to fly a new piece of technology into Mexico in order to rescue a comrade." Featuring Terry Funk.

Andy Kaufman: My Breakfast With Blassie - 1982 - "Andy Kaufman plays himself in this parody of "My Dinner With Andre" at an early-morning breakfast with former wrestling champion Fred Blassie."
Bad Day to Go Fishing - 2009 - "A slick grifter and his cohort float from town to town with the perfect pro wrestling scam -- until the good people of Santa Maria turn the tables on the pair."

Be Cool - 2005 - "Chili Palmer turns to the world of rock stars, pop divas, and hip hop gangstas when a new idea for a movie leads him into the music business." Featuring The Rock.

Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana! - 2017 Documentary - "The group of misfits who make of the Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestlers fight to save their troupe after being betrayed by one of their own." 

Canadian's Wrestling Elite - 2018 Documentary - "A burgeoning organization of wrestlers, run by Danny "Hotshot" Duggan, tours western Canada, as he aims to make the squad a national touring company."  Featuring Jake Roberts.

Cassandro, The Exotico - 2018 Documentary - "Twenty six years’ worth of broken bones and metal pins in his body, the cross-dressing Mexican wrestling star isn't retiring, but reinventing himself."

Chain of Command - 2015 - "Seeking revenge for his brother’s murder, a special ops soldier finds himself deep inside a U.S. government conspiracy." Starring Steve Austin.

Checkout - 2017 - "A Marine tries to stop a terrorist invasion after he reports their plot and is ignored."  Starring Bill Goldberg.

Chokeslam - 2018 - "A famous pro wrestler returns home for her high school reunion, not knowing that her ex wants to win her back or that a contract in Japan may ruin it."  Features Mick Foley.

The Crimson Mask - 2010 - "A businessman and a professional wrestler find themselves caught in an ancient conspiracy that could lead to redemption or destruction."

Fred 1, 2, 3 - Nickelodeon Films' trilogy with John Cena (as himself) appearing as the father of the title character, Fred. 

Fred The Move: "A hyperactive teenager with a passion for singing will stop at nothing for the opportunity to sing a duet with the girl of his dreams."

Fred 2 - Night of the Living Fred - "After Fred's music teacher is replaced, he grows to suspect that the new teacher is a vampire, sending him on a mission with his friends to prove it."

Fred 3 - Camp Fred - "After ending up at the wrong summer camp, Fred makes the best of a bad situation and vows to help his fellow campers win the annual games."

Grunt: The Wrestling Movie - 1985 - "A documentary filmmaker looks for the truth behind the supposed suicide of a professional wrestler and the new identity he created in the ring." Features John Tolos, Billy Varga, Dick Murdoch, Dick Beyer, Billy Anderson, Pat Barrett and more.

Head Games - 2012 documentary - "A documentary that follows football player and pro-wrestler Chris Nowinski's quest to uncover the truth about the consequences of sports related head injuries."

Heart of A Lion - 2020 documentary on Aaron 'The Lion' Sharp - "A pro wrestler, who grapples outside the ring with depression, tries to rebound from setbacks and regain both his mental health and champion status."

Heels - 2017 - "Two adopted brothers swallow their pride and enter the outrageous world of professional wrestling in order to save their family's restaurant."

House of the Rising Sun - 2012 - "The chief suspect for a robbery and murder must uncover the truth about the crime and identify the real culprit before he is sent back to prison." Starring Dave Bautista.

How To Start A Small Business - 2021 - "Follow a small-time promoter and his team of little people wrestlers as they take their act from small clubs and fairgrounds to the big time."

Knockouts - 2011 - "A retired heavyweight trains a bullied kid how to fight. But declaring victory for the young boxer will mean overcoming his troubled past." Starring Steve Austin.

Legendary - 2010 - "Hoping that his estranged brother (John Cena) will train him, a scrawny teenager (Devon Graye) joins his high-school wrestling team."

Manny Fernandez: The Raging Bull of Professional Wrestling - 2021 - "The legendary wrestler discusses his epic matches, and gives an in-depth interview about what it’s like to work with big name companies."

Masked Mutilator - 2020 - "An ex-pro wrestler working in a teen group home faces off against his most formidable opponent yet when a masked killer starts picking off residents."

The Masked Saint - 2016 - "Inspired by true events in the life of former wrestler and pastor Chris Whaley and based on his bestselling book, The Masked Saint follows the life journey of Chris Samuels (Brett Granstaff, Vice) and his wife Lara Jean Chorostecki (Hannibal). After retiring from the professional wrestling ring and settling down as a small town pastor, Samuels witnesses rampant crime and serious problems in the community. Tapping into his past, the Pastor decides to moonlight as a masked vigilante fighting injustice. When crises hit at home and the church, the do-gooder must evade the police and somehow reconcile his secret, violent identity with his calling as a preacher." Roddy Piper co-stars.

Maximum Conviction - 2012 - "Two former special operatives are assigned to decommission a prison, but when mercenaries attack, they must protect two female inmates." Starring Steve Austin.

Monster Brawl - 2012 - "It’s the fight of the living dead as eight classic monsters fight deathmatches in a wrestling tournament surrounded by a cursed, faraway graveyard." Features Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash, Robert "Kurrgan" Mailet, Rosemary, RJ Skinner and more.

Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro - 2020 - "Known for his memorable wrestling alter ego, Ian Hodgkinson discusses the cost of his success and fame with his life now as a father."

No Holds Barred - 1989 - " "Rip is the World Wrestling Federation champion who is faithful to his fans and the network he wrestles for, but Brell, the new head of the World Television Network, wants Rip to wrestle for his network." Hulk Hogan, Stan Hansen, Bill Eadie, Tiny Lister Jr. & more.

Parts Unknown - 2020 - "After sacrificing their bodies to their sport for undeserving fans, a deranged family of professional wrestlers takes its bloodlust outside the ring."

The Promoter: The Tony Condello Story - 2013 - "From novice wrestler to promoter and TV producer, trace the 40-year history of the Italian-born founder of the International Wrestling Alliance."

Smack 'Em Up - 2016 documentary on Fergal Devitt aka Finn Balor - "A fascinating documentary about a wrestler completing a final tour of Japan before he sets out for stardom in the U.S. wrestling scene." 

The Original GLOW: New Interviews - 2018 Documentary - "Broadcasting from the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in Los Angeles, original GLOW stars Johnny C., Hollywood (Seasons 1-4) and Godiva (Seasons 3-4) will take fans behind the scenes of the milestone series that inspired a generation of female wrestlers."

The Other Side of the Ring - 2021 - "In this gripping and poignant documentary, four women discuss their ups and downs within the male dominated world of professional wrestling."

Over the Top - 1987 - "A truck driver attempts to reconnect with his estranged son as he road trips to Las Vegas to compete in an arm wrestling championship." Terry Funk is featured.

The Package - 2013 - "A courier for a crime lord (Steve Austin) must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters."

The Price of Fame - Documentary on WWE Hall of Fame Ted DiBiase.

Recoil - 2012 - "A former cop goes rogue, becoming a vigilante in pursuit of the killers who murdered his family and believe they've escaped any criminal retribution." Starring Steve Austin.

The Resurrection of Jake Roberts - 2015 - "After a fall from grace, a former professional wrestler struggles to rehabilitate his life and his image in the minds of his family and former fans."

The Reunion - 2011 - "Sam (John Cena), Leo (Ethan Embry) and Douglas (Boyd Holbrook) Cleary are estranged siblings who share one father but have three different mothers. Their father died wealthy, but when their sister (Amy Smart) brings the men together to learn which of them will inherit the money, they get an unpleasant surprise. In order to claim their fortune, Sam, Leo and Douglas must go into business together as bail bondsmen."

Russel Madness - 2015 - "A Jack Russell Terrier becomes an unlikely pro-wrestling champion, with help from his monkey trainer, when a man inherits his family’s sports arena."  Features John "Morrison" Hennigan.

Santo Contra Capulina - 1969 - "A bumbling security guard accidentally lets diamond thieves escape during a sting operation and has to hold a wrestling match to catch them for good."  El Santo stars.

See No Evil - WWE Studios' 2006 horror film starting Kane.  "A reclusive maniac (Kane) terrorizes a group of young petty criminals who have arrived to clean up a rotting hotel as part of their community service. After one of them is kidnapped, the petrified group must find a way to fight off a seemingly unstoppable foe."

The Stranger - 2010 - "A man who is unable to remember his name or his past looks for answers but he realizes that he’s being tracked by the FBI and a Russian gang." Starring Steve Austin.

Super Argo and The Faceless Giants - 1968 - "After retiring from the wrestling ring, Colonel Superargo teams up with an Eastern mystic to stop an army of faceless robots from kidnapping athletes."

Tactical Force - 2011 - "A SWAT captain and his team in remote training get ambushed by rival gangs searching for a rare bounty, until they turn the tables and fight back." - Starring Steve Austin.

The Trade - 2016 - "Death-match legend "Sick" Nick Mondo takes a harrowing look at his life, his legacy and his impact on a younger generation." Featuring Nick Mondo, Matt Tremont, Joey Janela, Rory Gulak, Drew Gulak and more.

350 Days - 2018 Documentary - "What’s life like for pro wrestling icons Bret Hart, Billy Graham and others, who are on the road 350 days a year? This doc takes an an inside look."

WrestleMassacre - 2020 - "A brutal shaming at a wrestling school pushes an awkward groundskeeper to unleash a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him."

The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story - 2017 - "As Q.T. Marshall turns 30 and contemplates his many injuries, the wrestler must decide what direction his career should head next."

The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family - 2012 Documentary - "A year in the life of the Knight wrestling dynasty from suburban Norfolk, a family who pack a real punch...often at each other."
Wrestling Women Versus the Aztec Mummy -1965 - "Scares happen underground when two wrestlers in an Aztec tomb find thieves out to steal treasure, as well as a mummy with powers to transform."

Wrong Side of Town - 2010 - "After accidentally killing a club owner in a fight, ex-Navy seal Bobby Kalinowsky must fight for his life when the dead man's gangster brother puts a price on his head." - Starring Rob Van Dam with Dave Bautista.


Catalyst Wrestling - "Welcome to the next wave of professional wrestling based out of New York City with high-impact action from athletes in a relentless quest for power."

Combat Zone Wrestling - "Wrestling goes gonzo in this series featuring ultraviolent, hardcore bouts where ladders, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire and more tools are allowed."

Extreme Legends - "A collection of some of the most remembered and popular professional wrestling matches fought by iconic, extreme legends of the sport." 

Forgiven Felons - 2019 - "WWE Hall Of Fame Wrestler Sting hosts this touching reality show, where seven felons on parole try to make the most of their second chance at life." 

Lucha Underground - All four seasons of The El Rey Network's weekly series.

The Original Ladies of Wrestling - The first season of GLOW, repackaged under a new title.

Pro Gay Pro Wrestling - 2016 - "A throwback to the late-night wrestling matches of the ‘70s and‘80s with brags and brawn by a cast of gay wrestlers and their drama behind the fights."

Tiger Mask W - 2015 Animated Series - "Naoto Azuma and Takuma Fujii, two young pro wrestlers. They were trainees at a small wrestling organization called Zipangu pro wrestling, but it wound up getting crushed by the wicked pro wrestling organization Tiger's den. In retaliation, Naoto trains at the base of Mt. Fuji and becomes the new tiger mask, and Takuma meanwhile deliberately joins Tiger's den and becomes Tiger the dark. The legacy left behind by the original Tiger mask is inherited by a new wrestler...!"  Featues Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tohi Makabe, Kazuchika Okada, Yuji Nagata and more.

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