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By Mike Johnson on 2020-03-18 21:34:00

As noted in the press release issued earlier today by WWE, Wrestlemania will be broadcast on Saturday 4/5 and Sunday 4/6 from multiple locations that will be closed sets.

The multiple dates and locations will actually make production easier for WWE as they have been very careful about only having a certain number of talent/staff on hand at TV tapings at the Performance Center, which is why you are seeing big names talents cycled on the show (Edge this week, Randy Orton next week, etc.) and only so many talents being brought in for TV, even with many living locally in the Tampa and Orlando area.  WWE has taken the CDC's social distancing edicts very seriously.  If they broadcast the entire Wrestlemania card over one day, they would run into a lot of production issues just in terms of the logistics of having and managing so many talents, producers, staff, etc. in one place at the same time under the current restrictions.

The multiple locations will allow WWE to switch from place to place and keep the broadcast from looking and feeling monotonous.  That could also allow WWE to pre-tape material (and even matches) for insertion into the broadcast, as a closed set might make it easier for the company to keep spoilers from leaking.   Having a portion of the show pre-produced could also glitz up the final product and allow the show to have a grander feel, since this is Wrestlemania.

There's no word yet on other locations, but they have other locations they control and could film in, including Titan Tower in Stamford, their new HQ in Stamford and their 3-D suite in the Performance Center (which would allow them to have matches in front of any 360 degree computer generated background).  The company could try and lean on their relationships with FOX or NBC Universal for assistance in finding places to shoot content for Wrestlemania.  It's not like Universal Studios Orlando's soundstages are in use currently.  Having the show in multiple locations could also allow for WWE to stage material outdoors, allowing for the pyro fans come to expect from the biggest show of the year.

So, there are a lot of interesting potential scenarios here that can play out if WWE pushes the envelope.  Stay tuned.

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