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By Paul Jordan on 2020-01-14 14:58:00

WWE announced the following:

A new episode of WWE Network’s acclaimed docuseries WWE 24, focusing on last year’s unforgettable WrestleMania 35, is set to debut Sunday, Jan. 26, immediately following the Royal Rumble.

Titled WWE 24: WrestleMania New York, the new release will feature loads of original Superstar interviews and never-before-seen backstage footage, giving you unprecedented insight into WWE’s marquee event, which saw Kofi Kingston’s crowning as WWE Champion, Seth Rollins’ slaying of “The Beast” Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch’s triumph in WrestleMania’s first main event featuring female Superstars.

The upcoming episode covers all that and much more, from Ricochet’s long-awaited debut on The Grandest Stage of Them All, to two tales of enduring friendships, as the teams of The IIconics and Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins achieve their dreams of experiencing WrestleMania Moments together.

Don’t miss WWE 24: WrestleMania New York when it premieres Jan. 26 on the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE's The Bump tweeted the following preview for tomorrow's episode:

WWE Shop has a new Seth Rollins "Monday Night Messiah" T-shirt.


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EVOLVE sent the following:


One-Time-Only Offer!!!

50% Off EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout

A Rare Look At The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout feat. NXT Champion Adam Cole!

A Rare Look At The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout feat. NXT Champion Adam Cole!

We are excited to announced two new opportunities to EVOLVE your career as 2020 gets rolling! The Seminar/Tryout section has the application and info.


The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout had a very successful 2019 with wrestlers and referees earning EVOLVE contracts, spots at NXT TV and WWE PC tryouts. We are proud that hundreds of talents have learned from NXT coaches, producers and talents. The EVOLVE Recruitment Camp that kicked off 2020 provided unparalleled access to NXT Coaches and Talent and WWE Producers and we are excited to announce a future Recruitment Camp as well.


The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout and EVOLVE Recruitment Camp is open to wrestlers, referees and managers who have completed a reputable training course. We have now opened it up to announcers who have experience in pro wrestling. If you are interested, please fill out the application. Do not fill it out if you have not completed training. The experience will not benefit you. If you need to train, we recommend the WWN Training Academy. Information can be found at


If you are accepted, you will be given a code to make payment. There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges once payment is made.


First, we are offering budget friendly 50% off EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout on January 17th in Ybor, City FL featuring NXT Champion Adam Cole! This EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout will include:


-A lecture and/or in ring seminar with NXT Champion Adam Cole.


-Tryout match to be scouted by EVOLVE VP of Talent Relations & Creative and WWE Creative Consultant Gabe Sapolsky.


-The Tryout match will be filmed with multiple cameras in HD. You will be given this footage to use however you want.


-An immediate evaluation from WWE Creative Consultant and EVOLVE VP of Talent Relationship and Creative Gabe Sapolsky.


-At least one participant will get an opportunity to be an extra at NXT TV live on USA Network. This person must fulfill all WWE requirements and paperwork. You will be required to get yourself to Orlando. You will receive a payday from WWE that will be determined by WWE.


-There are no guarantees, but this is an opportunity to be booked on EVOLVE that night. This is your chance to be seen!


-Any suitable participants will get their information sent to WWE with a recommendation for a WWE tryout at the WWE Performance Center.


-You will get in to the WWN Family pipeline, which includes EVOLVE, SHINE, Full Impact Pro and American Combat Wrestling. This can lead to bookings in any of those promotions.


The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout is a comprehensive learning experience. It is our goal for you to leave a better talent. These are the lessons that you can only get if you are signed to WWE and training at the WWE Performance Center. The price is $99, which is 50% off the regular price for an EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout such as this.


Furthermore, we are excited to announce the next EVOLVE Recruitment Camp for March 27th-29th in Port Richey, FL. The three-day camp is a comprehensive learning experience and unprecedented opportunity. EVOLVE has gathered an all-star list of coaches, producers and talent from the WWE Performance Center to give all participants a well rounded education. These are the lessons you normally can only get at the WWE PC.


The opportunity is yours! At least one participant will be selected to go the WWE PC for an extended tryout. Several participants from past EVOLVE Recruitment Camps have earned full-time EVOLVE jobs, including Stephen Wolf, Anthony Gutierrez and referee Stephon Smith. In fact, Smith was recently hired by WWE after being discovered in the first EVOLVE Recruitment Camp.


This is also an opportunity to get into the WWN system. Not only have a number of wrestlers and referees been selected to be in EVOLVE, but several talents have also been booked in SHINE Wrestling, Full Impact Pro Wrestling and American Combat Wrestling.


Everyone in the camp will be on the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp Do Or Die event, which will close the camp in front of a live audience as well as streaming live on Facebook and Club WWN. The events from the last two camps did great averaging 10,000+ views, 500+ comments and 150 shares in less than 24 hours.


Everything is up for grabs in 2020! There are more contracted wrestlers earning six figures than there have ever been in the 2000s. The top spots on the independents are all up for grabs. The playing field is yours to take. The EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will give you the tools you need to succeed as you learn from the best at the WWE PC. The price for all three days is $799.


The opportunity is yours. The track record of the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp speaks for itself. If you aren't signed to WWE, this is the only place you can get these lessons. This is a real chance to earn a contract with WWE.


This is the best time since the late '90s to be talent in the professional wrestling business. There are more opportunities than ever. Everyone is hiring. Get educated. Get an opportunity. Learn. Improve. Become a Superstar.


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