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By Dave Scherer on 2019-11-03 10:00:00

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I have a few questions about the weekly ratings decline both AEW and NXT are seeing.  Is there a ratings threshold where you think cancellation becomes a real possibility?  

Unless a show has an iron clad deal with a network, there is always a threshold where cancelation becomes a possibility.  TNT is not even close to that now.  The word is that they were expecting 500,000 viewers and their deal with AEW is an advertising split, plus production costs.  TNT is very happy right now, and why wouldn’t they be?  They are getting more than they are paying for. The question is will AEW be happy if they can’t get a better TV deal than this down the road as that is the Holy Grail that they need to achieve to become truly viable long term.  Of course, they can also last as long as the Khans are willing to support the company.

Doesn't AEW have the most to worry about considering if USA cancelled NXT WWE could just move it back to the Network while AEW would be without a TV deal.  

Absolutely.  I have been saying that for a while now.  NXT is the third brand for WWE.  It can always go back to The Network, where it’s added value content.  AEW IS the brand in their company.  In my opinion to truly become a success they need to get a TV that pays them real money if they want to be a success long-term.  They only run one event most weeks and merchandise sales are what they are, so the real money will come from TV.

If one or both are cancelled, does it worry you the WWE main roster will never get better because Vince will think see, people prefer my brand of sports entertainment.

Worry me?  No.  Concern me?  Yes, absolutely.  I just hope that HHH can keep convincing Vince, even if it is slow, that the product needs to evolve.  If ratings go downward, Vince will probably be open to listening.  Hey, he did give us the great Smackdown on Friday, so that gives me a bit of hope at least.

Did you see Tony Khan dressed up as Orange Cassidy for Halloween?  Would Vince McMahon ever do that?  

I did see it. I highly doubt Vince would ever dress up as Orange Cassidy for any reason. But I am guessing that isn’t why you asked.  If you are asking my take on it?  Well, personally I would never dress up like a wrestler if I were President of the company (unless of course I was actually a wrestler).  I think as an officer in the company you need to project a different image than that.  But a lot of people saw no issue with it, and they are the target audience of Khan’s company, not me.

Either I'm getting smarter, or WWE is getting dumber. Watched some of the Crown Jewel, and everything seemed so very predictable, and so dumb, seeming to test my limits of any sort of storytelling. I think you would have to be blind or stupid not to see the ending of most of the matches coming a mile away. I am hoping this is just a hiccup, not a trend. And what do you think they will do with Wyatt now?

I think you are wising up. Crown Jewel was typical of what WWE booking is.  As for Wyatt, it should be interesting.  They have now put the Title on a guy who is almost indestructible.  That can make it hard to get it off him.  We shall see.

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