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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-31 15:17:00

Update 11/1:: Joey Mercury reached out to yesterday and today and stated that he quit Ring of Honor during the most recent UK tour.  He also stated that he was not overseeing the training dojo.  While Mercury told me via telephone he "did not care" about corrections, I felt it was important to note his side and to correct the training dojo note.   The original version of this story was initially worded to state Mercury had been "removed" from his position, which based on Mercury's side of fhe story, would have been incorrect wording.  Thus, that wording has been changed to "exited."  

Original Story:

Joey Mercury's run with Ring of Honor ended this week, has confirmed.

Mercury had been overseeing the company's training dojo and was working on the creative team as well as a Producer behind the scenes. 

We are told that Mercury exited his positions this week.  We are told that it was a "mutually agreed upon decision" following this past weekend's events in the UK. 

Mercury is technically still with the company until the end of a non-compete period.

Mercury joined ROH in May 2018.


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