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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-16 00:11:00

Luke Harper returned to World Wrestling Entertainment last night, attacking Roman Reigns during WWE Clash of Champions to assist Rowan in defeating Reigns, giving Rowan the biggest singles win of his career.

Harper was not listed on the format sheet for the show and was hidden until just before the Reigns vs. Rowan bout.  No one saw him backstage until just before his return.   We are told the idea to bring him back was pitched late last week.

Harper had been brought to TV last July to meet with the company after publicly disclosing last April that he had requested a WWE release, a request that was not granted.

Harper had been off TV since August 2018 when he and Rowan lost the Smackdown Tag Team Championships to The New Day. He returned to the ring pver Wrestlemania 35 weekend, competing on a Worlds Collide event against Dominick Dijakovic at Wrestlemania AXXESS in Brooklyn, NY just prior to requesting his release.   While time off, Harper underwent surgery for a wrist issue.


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