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By Bobby V on 2019-06-22 13:15:00

NXT ran the Revention Music Center Friday June 21.

The opener featured NXT tag team champions Street Profits successfully defending against The Forgotten Sons.

After the match Mike Chioda danced with the winners

Next Jordan Myles defeated Cameron Crimes in a fun match. 

Reins Gonzalez then came to the ring with a very Stan Hansen/Ron Bass entrance. I thought it was great live.  She cut a promo about wrestling in Texas then heeled the crowd stating she wish she wasn't from here and that she would now be billed from Oklahoma.

Rachel Evers was announced as Gonzalez's tag team partner. Evers seemed to float between heel and face throughout the match. Gonzalez got the pin in the match against Lacy Lane and Jessie Kamea.

Damien Priest defeated Raul Mendoza. The Houston crowd seemed to really like both these guys. Damien's entrance is really cool live

The Outliers -- Riddick Moss and Dan Matha with Robert Strauss came out. Strauss cut a promo saying that no one in the back accepted their tag team challenge.

BRO....... Matt Riddle comes out and said even though he thought he could beat all three of them, he did find a tag team partner for a match. The crowd starts chanting for Keith Lee, but instead, it's the Velveteen Dream. The crowd absolutely loses it.

Riddle and Dream take the win in a fun match and pose for the crowd. Riddle poses in the ring while Dream poses on the stage. Riddle joined him and right before they went back, Dream held the North American title over his head. Riddle looked up at it and smiled. Nice touch for a house show.

After intermission, Kushida defeated Kona Reeves. Fun match, but the crowd seemed dead.

Next up is Mia Yim vs Shayna Bayzler for the women's championship. Both these women were major league over. Yim had young girls who were big fans in the front row and Bayzler heeled the heck out of them. Nothing bad. She's amazing. She can heel a whole arena one way, then pick out kids, and heel them and it never crossed a line. 

They had an outstanding, hard-hitting match, but Bayzler got the tap out win. After the match, Yim went to the girls and had a moment with them.

The main event featured Keith Lee and Adam Cole. 

Same with these two. Over. The Houston crowd loved these two and they delivered a classic big guy vs little guy match. Lots of fun and big spots, especially for a house show. Cole got the win and went back up the ramp. Lee's music hit and he posed a little bit before heading back.

Overall, a really fun show. All the big names got the biggest pops. Unfortunately guys like Damien Priest and Jordan Myles got almost no reaction at first because of those wretched name changes. Once the crowd figured out who they were, they got behind them.


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