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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-13 10:00:00

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Was there really a shouting match between taker and Goldberg backstage after super showdown??  

I have not heard one person with any legitimacy claim this as being true.  In fact, when I asked about that rumor, it was quickly shot down by those who were actually in Saudi Arabia, so I tend to think that story is 100% fiction.  Goldberg was not in any position to be fighting with anyone after their match.  My belief is that he was checked out by WWE's medical staff and if there was interaction after, it was likely Undertaker checking on his well being.

I saw the weirdest thing on the Direct TV channel guide: an advertisement strip (by this i mean the row where a channel and its shows would be on the screen they had a ad of sorts for WWE MITB, unless I've gone crazy didn't WWE cut all ties with Direct TV when it came to PPVs because the network was showing the PPVs as part of the $9.99 a month thing the network has? 

They are quietly carrying WWE PPVs again.  The world has changed and they want to get whatever revenue they can.

We currently have Crazy Eddie Edwards in Impact wrestling, this all apparently resulting from Callaghans attack on him.  Where do you think Eddie would be now if that hadn’t have happened?  Would we still have technical but vanilla Eddie, or were there plans to change his approach anyway?

I think Edwards probably would have remained the straight-forward scientific wrestler.  They obviously changed his character and his trajectory to go with the baseball bat incident.  

My question is on the wwe pay scale. Are wwe wrestlers paid by match order on the card? IE first match makes the least,main event obviously makes the most? And is it the same for house shows as TV tapings where you could get multiple segments? Thanks. 

Talents are under guaranteed deals that pay them a certain downside salary every year.  When they work live events, there are bonuses that are paid, based out of the live gate the company brings in.  Talents are paid that bonus based on their positioning in the card and importance to drawing the house.  So, a Roman Reigns would likely get the highest pay scale while a Zack Ryder would be on the lower event.  There is no additional bonus for working TV or multiple segments.

I'd like to know something about the WWE (NXT) working agreement with WWN.Since it started,we've seen stars from the Shine roster appear as enhancement talent,NXT main eventers like Adam Cole,Johnny Gargano,and Chris Hero make guest appearances in Evolve and even NXT stars hold titles in Evolve.Thr only thing we haven't seen is NXT's women stars appeasring in Shine.Do you know why this has yet to happen,or if it will happen in the future?

I was told it is something that could happen in the future, but EVOLVE gets priority on such bookings.

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