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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-14 10:10:00

Impact Champion Brian Cage returned to action over the weekend, performing for Warrior Wrestling this past Sunday in Chicago.

In regard to the Killer Kross situation, numerous sources within Impact Wrestling made it clear that Kross would not be getting a release from his current contract.  The company stance is that they attempted to restructure the deal in good faith and that since Kross locked himself into a deal, they expect him to adhere to that contract.  The feeling is that the company signed him during a time period where he didn't have any interest from WWE and now that he's used their platform to raise his profile, if there's interest from WWE or elsewhere, that doesn't mean Kross can just walk away from his existing deal.  From a legal standpoint, they would be in the right, although it has to be completely frustrating for Kross to see the potential of what he could make elsewhere and not be able to capitalize on that, while making far, far less working for Impact.

Garrett Kidney, who was very much responsible for the huge uptick in Impact Wrestling's social media over the last year or so, has departed the company.  We are told Kidney gave notice about a month ago that he was quitting and finished up over the weekend.  

Scarlett Bordeaux's current Impact deal runs through this summer.

Ethan Page's latest video blog has been released:


Set for Friday's Impact:

*Rosemary vs. Su Yung in a Demon Chain Match.

*Eddie Edwards vs. Killer Kross.

This past weekend's Impact Wrestling Salute to the Troops special can be watched below:

Watch Salute to the Troops - IMPACT and Tried 'n' True Pro from IMPACTWrestling on


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