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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-04-21 12:12:00

Virtual reality seems to be one of the groundbreaking developments in online gambling. Over the previous years, the gaming industry has implemented progressive technology solutions and latest developments. Some of them are HTML 5, mobile platforms and overall accessibility. Online gambling sphere has continued with the implementation of new technology to attract more players. The progressive gaming solutions are the best way for this activity.

Introduction of virtual reality

Virtual reality is a brand-new invention which increases the customers’ attention. Nowadays we can see the trend coming from the biggest games developers, which slowly move to the VR casino sector. As for the single games, casinos change their attitude to the whole gambling story and develop innovative features. Take for example online slots. They come in various shapes and forms, including music, various characters, and storylines. Slots are becoming filled with a whole set of features with the aim to engage customers. Casino developers are aware of the present moment and new generations which require more entertainment.

Advantages of VR casinos

Players who decide to start VR gambling experience can enjoy multiple benefits. They save time and money by staying home, without visiting land-based casinos. Some casinos offer live chat among players so you can enjoy the real-time atmosphere. Further on, you don’t have to worry about casino visitors as no one will meet you.

At the moment, VR casinos offer multiple gaming chances both in real money and free versions. As the VR industry increases rapidly, we can expect loads of games very soon. A player who doesn?t want to invest in equipment can still enjoy a range of 3D casinos.

Disadvantages of VR casinos

Virtual gaming has obvious disadvantages. Players who start the experience should invest a notable amount of money in the equipment. Some of the necessary stuff are headset, sensors, earphones and similar. The starting costs are estimated on the amount of $400. To activate the VR equipment you will also need good hardware and it can cost up to $1000.

There are players who say that VR gaming seems outdated and obsolete. There is a space for future improvements in this field and we expect it very soon. In addition, VR gaming is an immersive experience and players could feel very strange after putting off the headset. It leads us to the question - whether VR gaming causes addiction. To discuss this question, we need further studies.

Playing with Real People

Even today we can meet people who prefer land-based platforms. These players opt for the classic experience which includes the interaction between gamers and specific atmosphere. That’s why casinos worked very hard to develop live dealer chances. Players can now enjoy real casino atmosphere from their houses. The technology allowed providers to stream events from the live casino or gambling studies and deliver the results right to the customer. Live dealer casinos offer a selection of popular games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker. In addition, players can enjoy live slots sessions which increase players? attention.

The increase of VR technology

It is difficult to predict what is the future of virtual reality. Some studies have shown that VR will continue to rise in popularity. Only research coming from Technavio (for the whole gambling market in the period 2018-2022) showed that VR will enhance about 55% in the entire gambling sector. According to the research, the biggest part of the growth will happen in the USA. As a reminder, this country is currently one of the largest adopters of VR technology.

Players can expect rapid improvements in VR technology. Both developers and operators will continue to work on VR technology, aiming to provide the best results in the market. This will lead to a completely new experience for users at best new casinos all around the world.

As we can conclude, virtual reality is all around us. There is still a limited number of casinos where you can play VR optimized adventures but we expect further additions. Moreover, there is a small number of software companies which create VR games (Microgaming and NetEnt) and we expect more producers to commence soon. We look forward to seeing the upcoming changes!

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