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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-18 12:56:00

When the Ultimate Warrior first suggested what eventually became known as the Warrior Award during his own 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction, he suggested that WWE honor employees, such as the late Jimmy Miranda, who may not get the recognition on screen for their hard work behind the scenes.

This year's Warrior Award recipient, Sue Aitchison, has been with WWE for three decades and is beloved within the company.  She is certainly a deserving receipient of not just the award, but for being the first-ever WWE employee to receive it.

WWE first made the announcement via an article in The Stamford Advocate.

WWE's announcement noted, "A WWE employee for more than 30 years, Sue Aitchison is widely credited with spearheading WWE’s community outreach programs. Over the course of her storied career, she built a long-term partnership with Make-A-Wish and helped grant WWE wishes to more than 6,000 children. Aitchison also pioneered WWE’s WrestleMania Reading Challenge, inspiring a love of reading for millions of children around the world. Because of her commitment to giving back, Aitchison has also been the recipient of Make-A-Wish’s Chris Greicius Award."

“Sue has dedicated her entire career to helping Wish kids fulfill their dreams and putting smiles on countless families’ faces. Her heart and character epitomize the essence of the Warrior Award,” said Stephanie McMahon to The Stamford Advocate. “She is an unsung hero who deserves to be recognized and immortalized in the WWE Hall of Fame.”

Aitchison will become the fifth Warrior Award winner, being presented the award on 4/6 at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY by Dana Warrior.

Officially announced for the WWE Hall of Fame class previously are DX, Harlem Heat, Torrie Wilson and The Honkyonk Man.

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