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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-07 10:02:00

I've seen some take issue with your reporting of Bruce Prichard's new job with WWE and that he's merely consulting?

Bruce is now a full-time WWE employee.  He's not a consultant.  He has a Senior Vice President title and is probably making more than he ever has in his professional career.  I don't know who's taking issue with my reporting but nothing I wrote has been challenged by anyone within WWE, because my reporting was 100% correct.  I stand by what I reported and time will prove me to be correct.

If you are WWE, why do you let Jim Ross go when AEW is right around the corner?

That is a great question and one I scratch my head at.  I've always loved Jim's work and I don't understand why the company doesn't want to keep him in the fold, but the reality is, they've done relatively nothing with him the last few years, so they were just paying him to do nothing.  So, from a bottom line perspective, I understand why they don't want to keep doing that, but with all the content they produce, the idea that Jim Ross doesn't fit in somewhere, is, to me, asinine.  As far as AEW, I like the idea of Ross as an announcer there, but in keeping with the youthful exuberance of the company, they should have a younger lead announcer.

Thoughts on Liger retiring?

It's time.  He will be 55 this January and he's starting to slow down.  He could easily continue to wreste a modified style but as he said in his press conference, he wants to get out while he still feels great and isn't hurting.  To me, he's one of the all time greatest and I can't wait to see what the final year of his career brings.  

Whatever happened to 80s wrestler Terry Gibbs?

The last I heard, Gibbs lived in Pittsburgh and was working for an airline out of that airport.  If anyone knows more, please let me know as I'd LOVE to interview him.

Are you leaving the site?  You've disappeared of late?

NO.  I don't know where you would get that idea.  I've been sick for two weeks and I've had very little voice, hence why I've done very little audio.   



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