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By Mike Johnson on 2019-02-18 09:25:00

For those who have asked, we are told WWE Hall of Famer Pedro Morales' services were quietly held this past Friday in Woodbridge, NJ.  I would expect WWE will air the video tribute they placed online for him tonight on Monday Night Raw.  Again, our deepest condolences to Morales' family, friends and fans.

Nothing additional happened live at the WWE Elimination Chamber after it went off the air.  Thanks to Ben Bodhi & Eddie Arizona for all the live notes they sent.  They announced in the building that the 2020 Royal Rumble would be coming to Minute Maid Park, but did not announce any ticket details.  

Kofi Kingston responded to the insane level of fan support he received last night live during the Chamber PPV in Houston on Twitter, writing:

Paul Jordan sent the following...WWE NXT star Bianca Belair appears on today's "Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia" podcast.  .Belair discusses what Black History Month means to her and how educating yourself about the culture helped her in the formative years of her life. She discusses growing up in Knoxville,  the financial struggles and the decision to go into athletics.  Bianca has a frank discussion about her struggle with bulimia leading to attending multiple different universities and the cry for help that helped her overcome.   Belair discusses getting in the CrossFit and how that led to Mark Henry making initial contact with WWE, the initial tryout, meeting her husband, the process of putting together her signature braid, her thoughts on one day be called up to the main roster and much more.

Becky Lynch was interviewed by The42 about her journey in professional wrestling at this link.  It's a great read.  In talking about the irony that she's well known in America but not as much in her own home country, Lynch commented, "I’m very proud of where I came from and I love Ireland to bits. I don’t know why that [situation exists]. Maybe it’s less of a following. But when I go to Ireland — the support from the audience in [the 3Arena], there’s nothing like it. It’s absolutely incredible. So maybe [increasing my popularity in Ireland] needs to be my next goal, my next target to hit. I need to get on the Late Late Show to show my ma that I really made it.   “OTT [Over the Top Wrestling] is doing fantastic right now and that makes me happy. Maybe it’s because we’re not there that often [that I'm not as big]. We might come once a year, we might not. We’re not there as much as we might be in other places. Maybe that’s it, or maybe because it’s not on RTÉ.” 

Lynch tweeted the following to Vince McMahon after last night's Elimination Chamber PPV:


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