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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-08 10:00:00


Since Impact Wrestling is being pushed back to a 10 pm start time, are they looking for a new network or sticking with Pop in 2019? If they are staying on the network, will Impact try to convince Pop to let them do an edgier TV-14 rated show since they are in the 10 pm slot? I mean Impact has to try something, anything to get more viewers.

We've heard the company has been looking for a potential new TV partner.  Pop moving them to 10 PM can't be seen as anything but a major step backwards in the relationship between the two sides.  I don't think you can say Impact isn't trying to be edgy when they ran a storyline where a CHILD was almost killed!  Going to a more tawdry, violent product isn't going to help.

I’m asking this question to seek nothing more than hour personal opinion. If WWE were to air live house shows with the rumored tiered Network, how would you like them to be presented? I just read your report on them filming in Boston with a modified (smaller) filming crew. Would you want to see less production and fewer cameras to give it the feel of a house show? And how about commentary?

I'd like to see them presented the way WWE aired house shows back in the day.  Very little in the way of digital and pyro effects.  Two announcers sitting ringside and the focus is on the action in the ring.  Make it a throwback product with some undercard matches spotlighting pushed talents, a few competitive matches and a main event level bout on top.  The problem with the house shows is there are a lot of filler segments and nothing really matters in the scheme of things.  I think WWE would be very well advised to go see some of the touring shows that the Feld Company produces as they do a great job of taking over the entire arena and venue and turning it into a special event.  WWE could easily take some of those ideas and put their own spin on it.

What's the latest with Tegan Nox? How is she doing? All the best to her.

Nox is recovering but hasn't yet returned to the ring.

What would you think about Nia Jax and Tamina teaming up to become the female version of the Samoan Swat Team?  They could be first tag champs in a division across all the brands.

Since you sent this well before Raw, you nailed it.  We will see if they push them to be the type of dominant team you want them to be.

One of the more talked about topics for the WWE lately has been their house shows being antiquated. What Ring of Honor has done and used as a selling point for the awesome "Honor Club" service is that they stream all of their events. I even went to their Lowell, MA "War of the Worlds" show months ago and saw a title change, which most likely wouldn't have happened had it not been streamed. Could WWE dosomething similar to both build house shows as being something worthgoing to as well as providing content for the Network

They could, but the other side of that coin could be that if they educate the audience that they can watch the shows on the WWE Network, they don't need go to the shows.  WWE needs to upgrade the feeling of the shows - make them feel like events, make them interactive with the live audience, and make them fun shows even if they aren't going to be major storyline changing shows.

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