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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-13 10:56:00

Former TNA Champion James Storm, who debuted at last week's MLW taping in an angle designed to kick off a feud with Tom Lawlor is already done here.  Yep, already.  A source with the promotion said the two sides decided to "part ways."   Storm attacked Lawlor during a bout with Joey Janela and later won a quick squash.  My guess is none of that footage will ever appear on MLW TV.

Major League Wrestling will begin announcing matches for their 10/4 return to New York City at the Melrose Ballroom on this Friday's edition of MLW: FUSION on BeIN Sports.  This Friday's episode will feature the Wargames, with Shane Strickland's team vs. Sami Callihan's team.  The original creative was for MVP to lead a team into the cages but he finished up earlier than expected with the company following his loss to Callihan in a Boiler Room Brawl a few weeks back.

There were a number of executives from BeIN Sports (which is headquartered in Florida) and MLW sponsors at the Wargames event last week in Florida.  BeIN Sports will be expanding the MLW's presence on their networks going forward.

Shane Strickland posted the following video of his engagement yesterday:

There was an attempt made to book the former home of WCW in Atlanta, the Center Stage Theater, but we are told that the attempt was dropped at the request of another promotion using the venue.   The company is looking at other potential venues in that market.  More as we confirm it.

During our coverage of the Wargames event last week in Florida, we noted that ACH was working the show with what was believed to be the flu.  It was actually some sort of stomach bug that ended up hitting a number of others who work for the company during the same time period.  ACH got really sick an hour before his match but still went out and performed, which you have to respect.

El Hijo de L.A. Park, who was great in Florida, will be returning.

Konnan is the senior agent backstage and is going to be given expanded backstage responsibilities. 

Tommy Dreamer, who made his debut at Wargames, got over huge with the locker room and with the backstage staffers and was considered a big boost to the overall morale of the backstage scene.

Bruce Prichard ran the gorilla position backstage at Wargames.

Beyond the January return to Ft. Lauderdale, the promotion is also looking at a Spring date at the War Memorial Auditorium.

The company is also looking to shift as many of its TV tapings and dates, which have traditionally been Thursdays since the company relaunched, to Saturday evenings.

No word yet on a WaleMania event over Wrestlemania weekend.

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