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By Mike Johnson on 2018-09-02 22:58:00

As I discussed in my 90 minute breakdown of the "All In" PPV earlier today in the Elite section of, the show came dangerously close to going off the air without a finish.  After The Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr. segment went nearly 15 minutes over its scheduled time (including the entrances and post-match angle with Chris Jericho attacking) and Marty Scurll vs. Kazuchika Okada bout went 12 minutes longer than planned, backstage there was a lot of scrambling.  Plans to have separate entrances for everyone in the six man tag were scrapped and turned into one entrance for each team.  They cut half of the match out in order to fit the limited time they had (18 minutes including entrances) and the production team was able to negotiate more time for the satellite feed, which had to go off the air on time due to the fact it was being aired on cable and satellite PPV as well as Internet streaming.  They were able to get one additional minute and as it turned out, they needed it as the three count took place with 20 seconds of airtime left.  Had the Bucks not been completely on point with going to the finish with perfect timing, it would have been an absolutely disaster.  Instead, it was a home run.

During Scurll vs. Okada, production was losing their mind trying to get their attention to get them to go home.  We were told during the show it was painfully obvious they were sending signals to Scurll and Okada.

Chris Jericho was snuck into the building during Nick Aldis vs. Cody and as soon as his segment was over, he was rushed to a private plane in order to make his concert in Kansas later that evening.

The show was far and away the most successful pro wrestling iPPV event ever carried by

A number of readers who bought merchandise at the show with their credit cards sent word that on their statements, the charges came up as Ring of Honor.

Amazingly, Joey Janela is not injured coming out of last night's Chicago Street Fight.

Tommy Dreamer worked as a Producer backstage.

Ring of Honor's usual production team ran that aspect of the show.  

The NWA had three different cameramen documenting the Cody vs. Aldis title change, which was the most emotional thing on the show, and their footage will be featured on their YouTube series going forward.  One would think Cody will soon he showing up doing dates for the NWA going forward.

Visiting at the show were Rich Swann, Scott Hall, Raven, Sean Waltman, David Arquette, actor Macaulay Culkin, singer John Mayer and actor Josh Segarra.  Segarra accompanied Stephen Amell to the ring for his match with Christopher Daniels.  I am sure there were other visitors as well, but those are the only ones we've confirmed.

We have heard absolutely nothing but positive live reports from the show.  It absolutely sounds like the show was an even better experience live vs. TV.  It was certainly a hell of an enjoyable spectacle and it was probably, the most pure fun PPVs in years.

Christopher Daniels on Stephen Amell's work in the ring:

Bully Ray on the atmosphere of the show:

Cody on "All In" -

Nick Jackson on the event:

Matt Jackson on the event:

Goldust on his brother's NWA title victory:

Singer John Mayer posted about attending All In:


A post shared by John Mayer ???? (@johnmayer) on

"This is a wrestling meme #allin"

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