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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-14 18:41:00

World Wrestling Entertainment has hired James Long, The Head Coordinating Producer and Video Editor for Impact Wrestling, has confirmed.

Long was hired specifically for the WWE NXT brand and has been working for several weeks out of Orlando.

Long, who also wrestled for OVW and independently (including a recent appearance for House of Hardcore) under the ring name Paredyse, was intimately involved in a lot of the Hardys "Broken Universe" content alongside Jeremy Borash.  He had been with Impact since July 2014.

During his time with Impact, Long was the Lead producer and coordinator of production of all taped and live vignettes and promos, managed multiple production teams at TV tapings and was involved in all facets of Impact Wrestling production, from graphics to video packages to creative and execution of digital and television content.

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