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By Mike Johnson on 2018-07-27 08:35:00

Myron Reed vs. Kotto Brazil

Fast paced action from the onset.  Reed kicked off a Brazil charge and hit a sitting splash for a two count off the ropes.  He slammed Brazil for a two count.   He chopped Brazil in the corner and whipped him hard into the corner, then hit a hip attack.

Brazil reversed a whip and sent Reed into the corner, then nailed a running elbow.  Brazil used a chinlock.  Brazil nailed a big dropkick.  Brazil then hit a nice suicide dive to the outside.     He followed up with a second, which was even more spectacular.  He went for a third, but Reed rolled back into the ring and nailed a dropkick, then hit a SICK dive over the ropes.

Reed nailed a springboard back elbow for a two count.  Brazil came back with a double knee strike to the back in the corner for a two count.   Brazil came off the top with a stomp, then cinched in a submission.  Reed struggled to make the ropes and the crowd popped when he did.

The crowd began back and forth chants for the two competitors.  They are getting a great reaction for two talents the crowd didn’t really know.

Reed drilled Brazil with a big right forearm.  Reed ducked under a springboard dive, then caught him with an Ace Crusher for a two count.  Brazil nailed a 450 splash for another near fall.  Reed came back with some big offense but was caught with a sliced bread #2 for the pin.

Your winner, Kotta Brazil!

A heck of an athletic performance from each competitor.  Really, really strong, athletic, fast paced wrestling.

Joey Ryan vs. MJF to determine the first MLW Middleweight Champion.

Joey Ryan did all his Joey Ryan stuff before the match while MJF acted disgusted.  They locked up and MJF was worked over but came back with a divorce court and worked over Ryan’s arm.   MJF worked over the arm.    Ryan finally nailed a drop toe hold to break the momentum.

MJF missed a leaping move into the corner and was kicked by Ryan.  MJF nailed a series of chops. Joey Ryan caught a kick and flipped him over but was poked in the eye.  MJF ran into Ryan’s third arm several times, hurting his head and his knee.  Ryan shoved a lollipop in his mouth and went for a superkick but MJF hid behind the referee to prevent it.  He drilled Ryan with a kick then hit a powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner and the first MLW Middleweight Champion MJF!

MJF was interviewed after the match, saying he felt way better than all the scumbags in the crowd tonight.  He said the business is old man talking, young man trying but he just cut the line.  He said that all the veterans who tried to give him advice and tell him that one day he’d be a star, newsflash, he’s already a star.  He said he’s a super nova.  He knocked the fans and told them they were going to watch MLW every week and take notes on what it’s like to be better than them.

Sami Callihan cut a promo on the video screen, telling the fans who are watching that they are just marks.  He turned his attention to Shane Strickland, saying it’s Callihan’s house now, not his.

40-Man Battle Riot featuring Tom Lawlor, John Hennigan, Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Havoc, ACH, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Teddy Hart, Rich Swann, Pentagon Jr., Jimmy Yuta, Low Ki, Brody King, Jake Hager, Swoggle, Lance Anoa’i, “PCO” Pierre Carl Ouellet, Konnan, Joey Ryan, Sami Callihan, Jason Cade, MJF, Rey Fenix, Head Shrinker: Samu, Kotto Brazil, Aerostar, Drago, MJF, Leo Brien, Michael Patrick, Rey Fenix, Vandal Ortagun, The Dirty Blondes, Simon Gotch and more to be announced.


Elimination by pinfall, submission or over the top.

#1 is MLW Tag Team Champion Pentagon Jr.

#2 is MLW Tag Team Champion Rey Fenix!

So, we start off with the two brothers going back and forth.  They ended up kicking each other with stereo kicks to the head.

The third man out is… Brody King.

King hit the ring and clotheslined each of the brothers, who came back to hit a double team cannonball in the corner. 

The fourth man was our first surprise…Ken Doane.

Lance Anoa’I was out next.

Out came Tom Lawlor.

Everyone battled.

Kevin Sullivan was out next.  He started spiking everyone.

Next out was Fallah Bahh.

The crowd is all standing so it's a  VERY hard to do detailed PBP.

Next out was Swoggle, who got a huge pop.

After that it was Headshrinker Samu.  He cleaned house and went to the ropes to celebrate, only to be dumped by his own relative, Lance Anoa'i!

ACH was next out.  Everyone battled.

Next out was Konnan.  Huge pop.  The crowd is popping for every entrance.  He went at it with Fenix.

Next out was Barrington Hughes.  He and Fallah faced off.  It's a Hoss fight.

Jimmy Yuta was next.

Next out was Kiota Brazil.  Its all battling and near eliminations.  Hughes splashed Fenix in the corner 

Richard Holliday was the next competitor.

Fred Yehi hit the ring next.

Jason Cade was next.  The arrivals are coming FAST.

Everyone tried to get Hughes over and they all went over the ropes, leaving only Tom Lawlor.

Teddy Hart in the ring,  Hart went through the middle rope and hit a springboard moonsault to the floor on everyone.  OK then!  Well, Hart left ringside, so I guess he's eliminated too!

The next competitor is Vandal Ortagun.  

He was followed by Mikey Mondo of the Spirit Squad.  Lawlor immediately choked him out and he tapped.

PCO was out next.  He drilled Lawlor with a big knee.   He beat down PCO on the mat before being tossed off.  They battled.

The Tahitian Warrior was next.  

Next out was Simon Gotch.

Homicide was the next competitor.  He went right after PCO as Team Filthy watched and let them fight.

Harry Smith was next out.   

The next competitor was...well, the BWO logo flashed up and the place went NUTS.  It was the Blue Meanie!  The crowd liked that.  Meanie tried to get Homicide to dance with him but instead was kicked and tossed over the top.

One of the Dirty Blondes was next.

One of Callihan's seconds were out.

Shane Strickland was next.  Big pop for him.

Callihan's other second was next.  They worked over Strickland.

Dragon was next.

The other member of the Dirty Blondes was next.

The next out was Joey Ryan!

MJF was next.

Jake Hager was next.

Sami Callihan was the next competitor.

John Hennigan was next.  Everyone battled.  He hit a springboard clothesline on Callihan.  

Jimmy Havoc was out next.  Strickland and Callihan had some great exchanges.  Morrison small packaged and pinned one of Callihan's cohorts.

Strickland tossed out Havok.  Morrison and Swagger battled.  Callihan was beating on Strickland until Lawlor locked on a sleeper, choked him out and dropped him to the floor, eliminating him.  

It came down to Lawlor and Hager.  They battled back and forth. The crowd chanted for "Filthy Tom."  Lawlor hit a big suplex off the ropes.  The crowd chanted "MLW."  Lawlor nailed some right hands.  They battled back and forth.  Lawlor nailed a series of knee strikes.  Lawlor covered him for a close two count.  The crowd chanted for Lawlor.

Lawlor climbed on Hager's back with a sleeper.  Hager stumbled around the ring trying to escape before dropping to his knees.  Hager dropped down and escaped, transitioning into the anklelock.  Lawlor tried to make it to the ropes but was pulled back to the center.  Lawlor climbed the ropes to try and break the momentum but Hager pulled him back down.  The crowd chanted, "Please don't tap."

Lawlor again pulled himself up and made it to the top, forcing Swagger over the top for the elimination.

Your winner, Tom Lawlor!

After the match, Matt Striker interviewed Tom Lawlor, who said he was going to have a MLW title shot anytime he wanted and wanted to take the initials MLW and make them FTL...for Filthy Tom Lawlor.

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