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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-02-27 21:59:00

We are in Los Angeles, California and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

John Cena makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

John says that there are mixed emotions in here tonight.  John introduces himself and he is going to tell us why he is here tonight.  He is here for the reason why 99.99 percent of the people on Smackdown are here.  There is only one person with a guaranteed match at Wrestlemania, Shinsuke Nakamura.  John says he is trying to find his road to Wrestlemania.  John mentions the Fatal Five Way Match at Fastlane and he says he wants in.  John says he is not here for a handout.  He is here to do whatever it takes to earn a spot in that match. John wants to know what he has to do to make it to Wrestlemania.

Shane McMahon's music plays and he shuffles his way to the ring and then he shuffles when he enters the ring.  

Shane says that John is one of the most decorated superstars in the history of the WWE and he is in the middle of the ring on Smackdown.  Shane welcomes him back and Shane says we all heard what John said.  Shane says that everyone is looking for their role on the grandest stage of them all, but the pathway that you propose puts you into the WWE Championship match.  

John says half the people want him to win and half want him to lose so it makes sense to put him in that match.  

Shane says the pathway puts you smack dab in the middle of the WWE Championship match at Fastlane.  If you win, not only would you main event Wrestlemania, history would be made.  You would be walking into Wrestlemania as the seventeen time champion.  This is the Land of Opportunity, however . . . 

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring.

Daniel says tonight they are on the same page.  Smackdown is the Land of Opportunity.  Every superstar in the Fatal Five Way earned their chance to fight for the title.  Daniel says he will give John an opportunity.  Tonight, if you win the main event, you will be in the WWE Championship match at Fastlane.

John likes the idea and he asks who will be his opponent.

Daniel says it is someone that John is familiar with, AJ Styles.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kevin Owens joins the announce team for the next match.

Match Number One:  Sami Zayn versus Baron Corbin

They lock up and Zayn pats Corbin on the chest on a break and goes to the floor.  Sami with a shoulder from the apron and he flips over Corbin but Corbin with a shoulder tackle and Zayn goes to the floor. Corbin follows and Zayn with punches.  Zayn sends Corbin into the announce table.  Zayn punches Corbin and goes for a slingshot move but Corbin with an uppercut to send Zayn to the floor.  Corbin sends Zayn into the ringside barrier and then Zayn back drops Corbin over the ringside barrier and into the crowd.

We see Shane McMahon asking Daniel Bryan why Kevin Owens is allowed to do commentary.  Daniel says that Kevin is contributing.  Shane suggests that Kevin will get involved in the match.

Meanwhile, the match continues and Zayn goes back into the ring to break up the count.  They return to the ring and Zayn with punches and crossfaces.  Zayn with a reverse chin lock.  Corbin gets Zayn on his back and snap mares Zayn to escape the hold.  Zayn with a drop toe hold to send Corbin into the ropes.  Zayn with kicks and he chokes Corbin.  Zayn with a punch and Corbin punches back.  Zayn with a front face lock and Corbin blocks a suplex attempt.  Corbin suplexes Zayn.  Zayn with punches to Corbin.  Corbin runs Zayn into the turnbuckles but Zayn with a back elbow and boot.

Zayn with a double jump cross body for a near fall.  Zayn with a reverse chin lock.  Corbin with punches and Zayn with a forearm.

Shane is back watching the match with Daniel and Shane has popcorn.  Daniel talks about Kevin's commentary and Shane does not appear to care.  

Back to the match and Zayn comes off the turnbuckles but Corbin catches Zayn and hits a Chokebreaker.  Zayn punches Corbin from the turnbuckles and tries for a tornado DDT but Corbin stops Zayn.  Corbin slides around the ring post and hits a clothesline for a near fall.   Corbin charges at Zayn and Zayn drops down and Corbin goes over the top rope to the floor.  Corbin hot shots Zayn on the announce table. 

Corbin has some words for Owens and then Corbin returns to the ring.  Zayn with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Zayn with a tornado DDT for a near fall.  

Dolph Ziggler attacks Kevin Owens and hits a super kick.  Zayn with a back elbow but Corbin with End of Days for the three count.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

After the match, Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Corbin.

We go back to the office and Shane offers some popcorn to Daniel and he tells Daniel to check on his boys.  Daniel asks if he can go home and check on his wife and daughter.  Shane says it is okay and tells Daniel to say hello for him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens walk in the back and Sami wants to know what happened.

Shane and his popcorn appear and Sami asks if he saw that.  Shane tells Kevin and Sami that Daniel left and they better catch up since Brie doesn't like them missing dinner.

Match Number Two:  Ruby Riott (with Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan) versus Naomi (with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair)

Naomi and Ruby exchange forearms and then Naomi kicks Ruby away and slides into a slap.  Ruby goes to the floor and so does Naomi as we have synchronized group walking as we go to commercial with a standoff.

We are back and Ruby with a full nelson.  We see footage of Ruby sending Naomi into the ring apron during the commercial break.

We go to Carmella responding to tweets in the locker room and ignore the match going on in the ring.

Back to the action in the ring and Naomi with a punch and each miss round kicks the first time but then they both connect at the same time and both are down.  Naomi with rapid fire kicks and a flying clothesline followed by a spinning heel kick.  Naomi with a split and then she hits a springboard round kick for a near fall.  Ruby with a forearm to the back of the head followed by a thrust kick.  Naomi goes to the apron and Naomi hits a round kick and goes up top.

Naomi misses a cross body but lands on her feet.  Naomi with a scorpion kick and she sets for the running bulldog into the turnbuckles but Ruby escapes.  Ruby with the Riott Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Ruby Riott

After the match, Charlotte and Becky check on Naomi.

We see the Fashion Police and Josh Duhamel shows up.  Josh says they are his fashion icons.  Tyler says they solve all of their cases while Josh is on a show called Unsolved.  Josh says those aren't real cases, just a way to do parodies.  Fandango says they solved their case and they show him Big E. 

The New Day show up and Josh says they are solving the death of Biggie, not Big E.

Fandango reminds Josh that Big E won a rap battle.

Josh tells Fandango and Tyler that he is not a real detective, it is all make believe.  Fandango and Tyler are in shock.

Xavier wishes Josh luck with the show.

We go to commercial.

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