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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-31 19:29:00

On his Instagram account, Brian Pillman Jr. posted the following about his first match, which took place last night in Indianapolis:


A post shared by Brian Pillman (@flyinbrian41) on

"While I am normally a man of many words, I just don't know how I could sum up the way last night made me feel using only text.

So here is a picture. Maybe it's worth a thousand words, maybe it's worth more, maybe less... But whatever you take from it just know that the way I felt in this photo is the most alive I've ever felt in my entire life.

I've received a lot of attention and congratulations after news broke of my independent debut and I am blown away by the love from ALL of you!

Just this once though, I ask YOU for a favor. Whether it's a comment on instagram, a direct message, or a tweet I don't want it sent straight to me. I want you to type it all out just as you normally would but this time before you hit that send button I want you to send it to Brian Pillman. 
Not Brian Pillman Jr., not Brian Pillman II, no I mean BIG BRIAN! Brian Pillman Sr., The Hollywood Blond Brian Pillman. The Loose Cannon... My FATHER!

Whether it's a prayer, a mental note, or just a written letter I want you to send it up above and let him know how you feel. How you feel about what he left behind for you, for me, for us, his LEGACY. Because had he not given every ounce of life force that he had for this world, had he not made every heartbeat count then I certainly wouldn't be here today and of course professional wrestling just wouldn't be the same as we all know and love it.

THANK YOU everyone for reaching out to him and
THANK YOU to Scott Romer for capturing this moment
THANK YOU dad for this amazing gift called PRO WRESTLING!!!"

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