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By Joseph Gianfortune on 2017-11-25 23:18:00

WAZZUP -  Powerbomb.TV - 11.25.17
Philadelphia, PA @ The Wrestle Factory

Jody Fleisch is out first to address the crowd. He was originally slated to face Gresham for the Powerbomb.TV Independent Championship. Jody begins to explain his injury and throws it back to when he performed in Philadelphia in the early 00's.

He is quickly interrupted by Stokely Hathaway who tells the crowd that now there will be no main event. Out comes Nick Gage who tells Stokely that he better leave the ring, and tonight he is going to bring the violence.

Dominic Garrini vs Wheeler Yuta

Garrini is a former top 10 ranked jiu-jitsu competitor, and he goes right to work on Yuta with with a series of arm bars and holds. Garrini keeps Yuta grounded with some kicks and chin locks. Yuta starts to make a comeback with some kicks and a drop suplex, but Garrini goes back to the stiff kicks to slow things down. A knee to the head nets only a 2 count for Garrini. Garrini locks on the triangle choke, but Yuta rolls thru for a pin and gets the 3 count!

Logan Easton Laroux vs. Razerhawk vs. AJ Gray vs. Anthony Greene

Greene and Hawk start this one off after tossing the other two to the outside. This is a fatal four way match, so no tags are needed. Greene and LaRounx begin working together to take out Gray hitting him with a series of double team maneuvers. They hit the corner powerbomb suplex 4 man combo and then exchange a series of chops with each other. Gray goes to the top and hits Phoenix Splash on Greene, but Logan cuts him off and steals the victory.

WWR showcase: Allie Kat vs. Laynie Luck

The ladies begin with a bit of matt work. They are pretty evenly matched , but Laynie takes the reigns with a few big boots in the corner. Allie nails a big bicycle kick and begins to make her come back. After a headbutt and a Pussy Piledriver.  Allie Kat gains the victory.

“Filthy” Tom Lawler vs MJF

MJF works Lawler into the corner, but Lawler answers him with some German suplexes. MJF starts to work over Lawler's arm. After a series of clotheslines , MJF is caught with a capture suplex by Lawler. However, MJF is right back to working over the arm, proving he isn't going to be an easy task for the former MMA star. MJF applies a fujiwara armbar, but Lawler reverses it into a triangle choke and an arm bar of his own that sends MJF tapping,

NPW vs. Beyond Wrestling Showcase: The Ugly Ducklings – Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude vs. The Thick Boys - John Silver and Jay Freddie

The Thick Boys take control early and begin to showcase their power despite their size. Lude starts to switch the momentum, but Silver cuts him off with a one armed gorilla press and a big lariat for a near fall. The Ducks get both of the Boys to the outside, and Killjoy nails a huge Asai Moonsault.

Back in the ring, the the match begins to break down, and both teams attempt to hit a series of double team moves until The Ducks nail a big double double top rope suplex. The Thick Boys make a run now and hit a few double team moves before ending it all with their double cradle/Joker driver.

Powerbomb.TV Independent Championship Match: Johnathan Gresham defends vs. Nick Gage

This is Gresham's second title defense, after having only won it about a month ago.

Gage has the size and power advantage here, and he takes it to Gresham immediately. After briefly distracting the referee, Stokely Hathaway tosses some powder in Gage's face. Gresham is now in control and starts wearing down Gage with some armbars.

Gage washes the powder out of his face and although he is feeling the effects from his worn down arm, he begins to take control after hitting a Falcon Arrow and tossing Gresham over the top rope. Gage nails a suplex on the floor to Gresham.

Gresham attempts to regain control with a powerslam, but Gage answers him with a series of chairshots. Back in the ring, Gage goes for the finish with a big dragon suplex. Gage attempts an Electric chair driver, but Gresham catches him with a sleeper hold and pushes Gage to the outside.

Gresham once again applies the sleeper hold on Gage while both men are outside of the ring, while the ref begins his count. Gresham nails some elbows to the back of Gage's head and makes his way back into the ring as the ref counts to 10. Gresham has successfully defended his Powerbomb.TV Independent for the second time, yet again with a count out victory.


Pretty rad short card with a variety of matches. No huge names being on the show really allowed everyone on the card to shine. This was a good showcase of some up and coming singles and tag teams that will definitely be making more buzz as we head into 2018.

The show was well paced and kept the flow going. Each match was the proper length. I was really impressed by the ladies match, MJF's heel tactics, and Gage's new found intense but focused brawling style. Gresham as the chickensh** cheap win heel is money!

For a standalone show under their own banner, Powerbomb.TV should be commended for their efforts. I look forward to more of their unique cards, and moreover I am pleased to hear their deal with Beyond Wrestling as their new home for streaming and VOD is a GO!

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