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By Dylan Solis on 2017-09-16 12:54:00

VIP Wrestling: "VIPX Please Don't Die" Results:
The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX

This was the first of two VIP Wrestling events this weekend, celebrating the promotion's 3rd anniversary. There has been 2 other VIPX shows at the Rail Club, which is a decent size bar/club. The difference between VIPX and traditional VIP shows is that VIPX is more ECW style, tons of foul language and no DQ's. There was a meet and greet with many wrestlers including Sabu who was on the card. Here are the results:

1. "Dirty" Andy Dalton def. "Unholy" Gregory James. Very good back and forth opener. Dalton plays the old school heel very well and James did great showing fire into comebacks as well, but finally Dalton put him away with a Brainbuster and a Spinning Piledriver. Dalton goes into a match with Jerome Daniels (leader of the newly formed Dot Mob stable) at tonight's show in Arlington.

After this, Shane Taylor came out to cut a promo saying that his original opponent, Big Sed, fell ill and wasn't at the show. Shane was angry that he was even scheduled to face Big Sed (a tag team wrestler who is not a big name guy), when last year in the same building he main events against Chris Hero and has been "knocking people out" all across the world. He then targeted "Supertex" Brent McKenzie (who was in the crowd), saying that he doesn't knock out "part time has beens in locker rooms in South Texas" (not sure what that incident was), but this set McKenzie off. He came out of the crowd and had to be held back by security. Lots of obscenities were hurled. The match was made for later tonight by GM Keith Roberts.

2. 6 Man Showcase Match: Kenny Steele def. Xavier Daniels, Seph Annunaki, Lil Tony, Orion Taylor and Kristopher Haiden. This was a standard 6 man match. Everyone got to show their stuff, and they did a good job of not just sitting on the outside waiting to come back in, but actually brawling with each other the whole match. The finish was kind of flat though, when Kenny's fellow Dot Mob members Ty Wilson and Dontae Smiley (leader Jerome Daniels was absent) came out to interfere. They a Daniel Bryan knee into a Fireman's Carry Cutter on Xavier Daniels, and Kenny Steele pinned him for the win. Out of all the people in this match, I think Kenny Steele has a ton of potential. He's got the look, can wrestle, and showed that he can be a great heel. Good stuff here.

3. Shane Taylor def. Brent McKenzie in the match that materialized from earlier. This was great brawl between two 350 pounders. The story was that both men were trying to knock each other out and both were throwing hands the whole match, and the brawl went all around the building. They brought it back and they did a great finish here. Shane Taylor caught McKenzie with a straight right hand to the face that took him down, and then Shane started pounding, and the ref called the bell resulting in a TKO. This was excellent considering both men said they were going to knock each other out. McKenzie sold it perfectly acting like he had no idea where he was, and having to be helped out. Great stuff.

4. Extra Talented (Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow) def. Dot Mob (Ty Wilson and Dontae Smiley). Another very good match. Dot Mob did great at cutting the ring off in traditional heel fashion, and Starks and Solow (returning from a tour of the U.K. with PROGRESS and OTT), both showed excellent fire and charisma. Ty Wilson brought out a chair, but Solow super kicked it in his face, and Extra Talented hit a Superkick/Angel's Wings combo to put away Smiley. Again, very good match.

5. Miranda def. Hyan and Nicole Savoy. This next match was a little strange. Nicole Savoy, of Mae Young Classic fame, was scheduled to take on a local female named Hyan. Before the match started, Miranda Salinas (also from the MYC) came and attacked Savoy, inserting herself into the match. It seemed she was inserted because Savoy was legitimately hurt coming in. Her arm was heavily taped and she spent most of the match outside selling, hitting very few of her signature spots, and was not involved in the finish, as Miranda hit a Senton off the top for the pin on Hyan. Miranda looked more than competent. I hope Nicole Savoy is okay.

6. ACH def. Keith Lee to become the NEW VIP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. This was great stuff. ACH tried to do some silly antics in the beginning but Keith shut it down real quick. Keith used his power to enforce his will for a large portion of the match, but ACH used his quickness and striking ability to evade Keith. Keith hit his signature Spirit Bomb but ACH kicked out. ACH got multiple kicks in and hit a 450 Splash but Keith kicked out. He tried to go for Ground Zero (Fireman's Carry Jackhammer), but ACH got out and hit a Brainbuster for a surprise win. The building popped because I don't think many people expected Keith to drop the belt here, especially after holding it for a year. ACH cut a promo saying he was honored to be the first ever 2 time VIP Champion, and that he wants to represent his home state of Texas well. He was scheduled to face Steve Anthony in a non-title match tonight, but now that is a title match.

Main Event: Sabu def. Masada in a Weapons Match. Yes you read that right. 52 year old Sabu was in a hardcore match with Masada from CZW. This billed as a first time ever match, and it was a spectacle. They used chairs on each other early on. Sabu hit a sick looking running cross body over the barricade. They brawled all over the building. Sabu busted Masada open using a metal spike. They came back to the ring and Masada used his signature skewers on Sabu, sticking them out of his head. Sabu later stuck the skewers in Masada's head and hit him with a chair while they were in. Sabu hit a Frankensteiner from the second on Masada, sending him through some chairs that were set up. The finish finally came when Sabu came off the top with the Arabian Skullcrusher through a table. After the match, Masada got on the mic and said that this was a dream match, and that Sabu can still kick ass. He asked for Sabu's respect, but out of nowhere, Sabu THREW A FIREBALL in Masada's face. Referees tried to get Masada some water but Sabu stole the water because he said he was thirsty. Refs eventually got him some but Masada looked in bad shape and had to be helped to the back.

Overall this was a crazy show with great wrestling and a spectacle of a main event. I won't be able to attend tonight's show due to personal commitments but here is the card:

VIP Wrestling "Setting the Bar 4" at The Gym in Arlington, TX

-Low Ki and Homicide vs. Shane Taylor and Keith Lee

-ACH vs. Steve Anthony: VIP Title

-Rachael Ellering vs. Barbi Hayden vs. Rockelle Vaughn

- "Dirty" Andy Dalton vs. Jerome Daniels

-Brysin Scott vs. Adam "APOC" Asher

-Lou Gotti Sterrett vs. A Mystery Opponent (Whoever stands out the most during a training seminar with Low Ki)

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