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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-02 13:02:00

Since GFW released their video tease about the Sexy Star-Rosemary situation at Triplemania being covered on this week's Impact Wrestling episode (and my commentary on why turning this into a storyline was such, in my opinion, a bad idea), it should be noted that two different GFW sources have reached out to to state the company is not doing an angle with Sexy Star or planning on bringing her in.  

We are  told the company will be covering the incident, since it was such a big talking point among fans, but it is not part of a storyline leading to a match or anything of that nature involving Star vs. Rosemary.  Since the company is building to a GFW vs. AAA storyline, I can see how they could incorporate the incident into the thread of that story, but based on what we were told this afternoon, it appears there will be no attempt to make money off Star shooting on Rosemary.

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