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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-03 09:37:00

If you haven't had a chance to see the Slammiversary PPV, it was a very good show and easily the freshest the company has felt since the Anthem Media purchase.  Robert Flores and Don West did an excellent job on the call and there was a lot of great wrestling, especially on the undercard.

If you are an Elite subscriber, Jeremy Borash, Konnan, Abyss and Shark Boy all joined in via phone with our Slammiversary Post-Game Show last night, giving insight into the show and their segments.  If you aren't an Elite, you can subscribe now at!

One person who was backstage all night described Jeff Jarrett as "happy as a pig in sh**" before the PPV and "happier beyond belief" after the show went off the air.  In an interview with PWInsider on Saturday evening, Jarrett made it clear the "Impact" name would remain the title of the TV series while the promotion was now GFW.

GFW turned away the largest amount of fans from last night's PPV in many, many, many years last night at Universal Studios.  The company returns tonight with the post-Slammiversary PPV episode of Impact.   As we noted yesterday, Global Force Wrestling has ordered new unified championship belts which will likely be unveiled at tonight's taping.

Bruce Prichard missed the PPV due to a family matter.  He will be at this week's TV tapings.

Gail Kim is officially back with the company as well.

Jeremy Borash suffered something in the area of 25-35 puncture wounds on his palms and wrists from hitting a big splash off the top rope onto the thumbtacks last night.  He received medical attention and had his hands taped up after the match.

There was concern Diamante suffered a knee injury during the great opeaning four way Tag Team championship match last night.  She was able to walk on it after the match but was going to get it checked out.

Shark Boy was booked on Friday and flew in Saturday for his cameo at Slammiversary.  He was not scheduled, as of last night, for this week's TV tapings but the door is obviously open for a return down the line.

John Gaburick worked the gorilla position while Bob Ryder timed out the show.

No word yet whether Jim Mitchell will be working TV, but since he lives in the Orlando, Florida area, it wouldn't be a big leap for that to happen.  He was a welcome return last night for sure.

All of the "outside of the ring" content for the Scott Steiner & Josh Mathews vs. Jeremy Borash & Abyss match were filmed overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews will be returning to the announce desk for GFW Impact going forward.

Backstage at the show were Eddie Kingston, former WWC Universal champion "Mr. 450" John Jesús Yurnet and obviously, WWE's Paige, who was there with Alberto el Patron.  There are stories that Paige actually sat ringside for the Patron vs. Lashley bout, wearing a Dos Caras mask to hide her identity, but that was actually Patron's sister.

Extras at the PPV included Team Vision Dojo's Mila Naniki & Amanda Keiner as Moose's cheerleaders and Kaci Lennox, Raegan Fire, & Shaniah Arlyana as Rosemary's entourage. wants to know what you thought of last night's Slammiversary!   What was the best match on the broadcast?  What did you think of the show overall? 

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