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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-02 17:58:00

Earlier today, WWN announced talents for their ongoing Style Battle promotion, which features a series of tournament with competitors from different "styles" facing off at each event, with the winners moving on to a final tournament at the end of a "season."  Announced for the tournament on 6/16 in Ybor City, Florida were Anthony Henry, Matt Tremont, Shlak, Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Teddy Stigma.    Many of the same talents were also announced for the 6/17 FIP event in the same venue.

The inclusion of Shlak, who has worked for CZW and is competing in their Tournament of Death next week in Delaware, led to immediate complaints on social media, as fans had uncovered photos of him posing with white power band members and a photo of him giving a Nazi salute.  WWN's Gabe Sapolsky (who is Jewish) immediately stated he wasn't aware of the situation and was going to investigate.  In speaking to, Sapolsky said that Shlak had been booked based on multiple recommendations and was going to drive down to the event as part of a contingent traveling together from the Northeast.  Before Sapolsky had a chance to investigate the situation, however, Flosports (which has a deal with WWN to stream their events as part of their subscription service) informed the promotion that they had received complaints as well and would not be allowing Shlak's matches to be streamed on their service.  All of this led to the promotion unbooking him.   As you might imagine, Sapolsky wasn't happy about this scenario taking place at all.

EVOLVE referee DA Brewer was signed by WWE and started with NXT this week as an official.  He's a damn good referee.

FIP released the following video celebrating Fred Yehi's anniversary as FIP champion:

EVOLVE has the following shows scheduled for this summer:

EVOLVE 86 on June 24th in Melrose, MA
EVOLVE 87 on June 25th in Queens, NY
EVOLVE 88 on July 8th in Charlotte, NC
EVOLVE 89 on July 9th in Atlanta, GA
EVOLVE 90 on August 11th in Joppa, MD
EVOLVE 91 on August 12th in Queens, NY
EVOLVE 92 on September 22nd in Detroit, MI
EVOLVE 93 on September 23rd in Chicago, IL


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