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By Martin Bentley on 2017-05-29 19:50:00

PROGRESS Wrestling held the final day of the 2017 Super Strong Style 16 Tournament on May 29th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London.

1: Flamita defeated David Starr, Jack Sexsmith, Mark Andrews, "Flash" Morgan Webster, "Big Wavy" Roy Johnson and "Pastor" William Eaver in a seven-way Wasteman Challenge Hangover Match - the Wasteman Challenge is an open challenge for anyone to take on Roy Johnson in either a battle rap or a wrestling match. Everyone except Sexsmith at first answered it with raps of varying quality (including Starr performing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, Andrews burning Johnson by saying Triple H never called him back, and Flamita singing "Hey Macarena"). Jimmy Havoc came to the ring, saying this was beneath him, and took out the six men in the ring with a chair. Jack Sexsmith then emerged to try and get sneak pins, then ran away and only reappeared after Starr had done his "Look At It" hip thrust on all his opponents, leading to Sexsmith biting Starr's crotch. The match was full of crazy dives and lots of comedy, and ended with Flamita pinning Starr with the FlamFly.

2: Travis Banks defeated Zack Sabre Jr. in the Semi Final - great striking exchanges and some good mat wrestling and submission work. Banks was able to withstand Sabre Jr.'s armbars and octopus holds, whilst Sabre Jr. kicked out of Banks' Kiwi Krusher. Banks was able to defeat Sabre Jr. with the Slice of Heaven to move on to the final.

3: Tyler Bate defeated Matt Riddle in the Semi Final - Bate took off his boots to go on an even playing field with Riddle who competes without boots. Unlike Bate's quarter final win over Mark Haskins, there was no interference from British Strong Style, as Bate and Riddle battled for nearly 15 minutes, with Bate kicking out of all of Riddle's big moves, including the knee strike. Bate needed two Tyler Driver 97s to hand Riddle his first singles loss in PROGRESS and earn a place in the final against Travis Banks.

4: Kay Lee Ray defeated Katey Harvey in a Number One Contenders Match for the PROGRESS Women's Championship - the Women's Champion Toni Storm did commentary on the match. This was a solid match that got better as it went on, with Ray putting Harvey away with a leg capture Gory Bomb. Ray had a staredown with Storm after the match, where Ray slapped Storm and ran away.

5: Trent Seven defeated Mark Haskins in a Submission Match - another brawl that spilled outside the ring, and ended up on the stage. Seven took out guest commentator Jimmy Havoc with a chair shot, and when Havoc recovered, he went to hit Seven with a chair, and ended up hitting Haskins instead. Seven disposed of Havoc and put Haskins in his own Sharpshooter, where referee Marc Parry called for the bell.

6: Pete Dunne defeated Jeff Cobb to retain the PROGRESS World Championship - Dunne tossed aside the PROGRESS World Championship belt in favour of the WWE United Kingdom Championship, then kicked Cobb down low. Cobb recovered to throw Dunne around the ring with his suplexes, and came close a few times to winning the title. However, Dunne was able to win clean with The Bitter End. Cobb got a great reception after the match for his fantastic work throughout the weekend.

7: Travis Banks defeated Tyler Bate in the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Final - a very evenly contested final with a super hot crowd, one of the best atmospheres PROGRESS has ever had. Things got chaotic when Banks accidentally took referee Joel Allen out with the Slice of Heaven, and then British Strong Style took out Marc Parry when Banks was about to win. This brought out the Number One Contenders for the PROGRESS Tag Team Titles, #CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid "Mondai" Lykos), who took out Pete Dunne and Trent Seven. The match continued for several minutes after this with the third referee Chris Roberts, with both men kicking out of big moves, including Banks becoming the first wrestler to kick out of the Tyler Driver 97, and Bate kicking out of an Avalanche Kiwi Krusher. Banks then trapped Bate in the Lion's Clutch for the submission to win the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament, earning a shot at the PROGRESS World Championship, which Banks has elected to take at Chapter 55: Chase the Sun on September 10th at London's Alexandra Palace.

The next show is Chapter 50: I Give It Six Months, on June 25th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, with British Strong Style (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) defending the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship against #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos). Tickets go on sale tomorrow (May 30th) at 12pm UK time. There are also tickets currently on sale for July 1st in Cologne, Germany, August 12th in Queens, New York, and September 10th at Alexandra Palace in London - check for information on each show.

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