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By Michael Hottle on 2017-05-15 09:00:00

Ring of Honor War of the Worlds

Television Tapings 5/14/2017 *Spoilers* Title Change

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | The 2300 Arena

Sold Out House + Standing Room Only

Dark Match

The Tempura Boyz (Sho & Yohei) defeated Coast 2 Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) by pinfall

Episode 1

The show opens with a promo from The Young Bucks and Hangman Page. They announce it’s a new era in the Bullet Club and welcome Marty Scurll to the ring. Marty talked about how stupid Adam Cole was at the War of the Worlds PPV. He continues and asks, “Who’s ready to have tea time with Marty?” Adam Cole interrupted asking, “Why have a tea party with Marty when you can have story time with Adam Cole?” Cole declares himself as the franchise player in the company. Page then says he’s going to run Adam Cole out of the company.

Match 1) Josh Woods defeated David Starr by submission with a rolling knee bar

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser come to the ring for a promo. Silas mocked Jay Lethal for being the franchise and asks what makes him special or better than him? Silas says he beat him clean in the ring in Milwaukee and claims he has his number. Lethal interrupted, walking down to the ring, saying this isn’t a company where we talk about our problems. This is a company where we fight. Silas informs Lethal, “You don’t get what you want. You get what I give you” as the Bruiser sneaks up on Lethal from behind and the next match begins. Silas joins the commentary team.

Match 2) Beer City Bruiser v. Jay Lethal

Lethal wins by DQ after Silas interferes. A beat down from both men commences on Lethal as Bobby Fish runs in for the save.

Cody comes to the ring and blames ROH management for not wanting a guy like him, a guy without an ROH contract, to be their world champion. Kazarian comes out, presumably early and by accident, as Cody continues his lengthy rant. He turns his attention to Colt Cabana on commentary asking what he said at the War of the Worlds PPV. Eventually Cody points out that Colt stated Lethal’s shoulders were down flat on the mat when Cody had him in the figure four and the referee didn’t do his job ignoring a pin.

TV Main Event

Match 3) Cody defeated Kazarian with Crossroads

Hangman Page comes down and they double team Kazarian. Christopher Daniels runs in for the save.

Women of Honor

Gabi Ortiz & Sumi Sakai defeated Tasha Steelz & “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks after Sumi pinned Tasha following a northern lights suplex

Episode 2

Match 1) War Machine defeated Will Ferrera & Cheeseburger by pinfall

War Machine cut a promo talking about their IWGP tag title reign and then challenged The Young Bucks.

Match 2) BUSHI, Sanada, EVIL, & Naito defeated Mark & Jay Briscoe, Bully Ray, & Dalton Castle after Bushi nailed Mark Briscoe in the face with mist and Naito capitalized for the win.

TV Main Event

Match 3) Hangman Page defeated Adam Cole by pinfall following two reverse Tombstone Piledrivers

Lots of “Thank you Adam” chants before the bell. Following the match Page pushes referee Todd Sinclair down, takes his belt, and begins whipping Cole. Kazarian runs in for the save. Page & Kazarian quickly vacant the ring area. “Thank you Adam” chants break out again throughout the arena. As Cole raises his hand thanking the fans Marty Scurll attacks Cole from behind. Marty says he just stole his moment like he did at the War of the Worlds PPV.  It is then announced that the non-televised main event of the evening will be Marty Scurll v. Adam Cole in a Philadelphia Street Fight.


Women of Honor

Kelly Klein defeated Jenny Rose by submission with a dragon sleeper

Episode 3

Match 1) Roppongi Vice & “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuckie T (Chuck Taylor) defeated Hangman Page & The Young Bucks when Taylor pinned Matt Jackson

Match 2) The Rebellion (Rhett Titus & Shane Taylor) w/ Caprice Coleman v. Jay White & Jonathan Gresham

The match appeared to be a no contest after Kenny King and the Motor City Machine Guns interfered. King attacked Gresham first directly in front of the ref but let the action go. There was no official announcement. After the melee, the babyfaces stood in the ring and challenged The Rebellion to a match at the next ROH PPV on June 23rd. They declared that the losing team must disband. So the match is set- Search & Destroy v. The Rebellion at ROH Best in the World.

TV Main Event for the ROH Television Title

Match 3) Kushida defeated Marty Scurll by pinfall after Adam Cole came to the ring dressed as Marty Scurll, distracted Marty, and Kushida capitalized for the win becoming the new ROH TV champ.

Episode 4 (TV Episode 300)

Match 1) Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser defeated Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal after Silas scored the pin on Lethal

Match 2) The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia & Matt Taven w/TK O'Ryan) defeated Dalton Castle’s Boys

Following the match Mark Briscoe enters the ring and confronts Castle in what was a heated verbal exchange. Jay Briscoe comes down to intervene followed by Bully Ray. After talking him down, Mark then leaves through the crowd.

Match 3) Punishment Martinez destroys Joey "Diesel" Daddiego in under two minutes

Cody comes out to join the commentary team

TV Main Event

Match 4) The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) & Tanahashi defeated Gedo, Goto, & Will Ospreay after Daniels nails Gedo with the Best Moonsault Ever

Following the match Tanahashi vacants the area and Hangman Page and Cody attack Daniels & Kazarian

ROH Web Exclusive - Philadelphia Street Fight

Marty Scurll defeated Adam Cole with the chicken wing after countless interference from The Bullet Club

“Thank you Adam”, “Please Don’t Go”, & “Speech” chants filled The 2300 Arena as Adam Cole asks, “Who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole baybay?” A “We will miss you” rang out. Cole then delivered his farewell address to the ROH crowd.

“I fell in love with pro wrestling at the young age of nine years old and I was infatuated with guys like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock and all the countless superstars that I saw. But what really made me decide that I wanted to be a professional wrestler was Ring of Honor. [applause]

I’ve said this countless times and it’s the truth, this place- not just the locker room, not just the camera men, not just the referees, but all of you, we are one big, giant family. The love and respect that each and every one of you have shown me is the reason I can stand before you here today nine years a pro wrestler, three times a world champion traveling the globe because you guys thought I was good enough. No matter what happens going forward, I just want each and every one of you to know that I deeply love you and Ring of Honor will always be my home. And I’ll end it with this, since she’s here, Mom- Happy Mother’s Day!”

Cole’s music hits as the crowd applauded. Cole held up his index finger indicating “one more time”. Cole bent down and throws ‘em up as the crowd let out a thunderous, “ADAM COLE BAYBAY!!!” The crowd chants “Thank you Adam” as he departs.

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