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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-09 09:08:00

According to a source within Impact, the company filed for the trademarks related to the Broken Hardys back in January.    The trademark listing states it was in April, but perhaps that may just be the date it was filed by the government.  We shall see.

There is absolutely a frustration among some in the company. feeling that coverage of the "Broken Universe" situation has been far too pro-Hardy.  I don't know that I agree with that as our coverage has always pointed out that who owns the gimmick would depend on what the language in the contract states.  The reality is that under Dixie Carter's ownership, Impact did little to nothing to protect or own the trademarks and characters that were created by the company.  Bully Ray first debuted in Impact but he personally owns the name and the character and the trademarks, for example.  Even now, there are lots of names are being utilized by the company that aren't owned or trademarked by Impact  Wrestling or TNA Entertainment or Anthem Media.    Add in the fact that among online fans, the Hardys are extremely popular to begin with and of course, the company is going to be seen as the heels by some.  In a court of law, however, all that is going to matter is the language in the contract - nothing else.  While the two sides are still bantering back and forth with legal letters and lawyers are talking, no lawsuit has been filed as of this writing and no settlement or agreement has been made.  What is truly sad about the entire situation, to me, is that it's obvious the Hardys lost some momentum with the sudden stop to the gimmick and that all sides would have been far happier had everyone remained with Impact.  The travel schedule was far easier on the Hardys and Matt Hardy had the ability to have his wife and son with him on the road.  Impact had a great act to hang their hat on and even if you didn't think the Broken stuff was your cup of tea, you had to at least acknowledge it was different and extremely creative.  It was a cool moment in time, but now that's been lost for good.  No matter who ends up owning the "Broken" material, everyone involved lost out.   Each side will obviously blame the other, but that doesn't change the fact that, again, that moment has now been lost.

Jeff Jarrett tweeted last night that he will be heading to LA for two days of meetings.

Impact sources have stated the company and Spike UK are thrilled with initial ratings for the first few episodes of Impact that have aired there.

No update on World of Sports at this point.

The Impact Wrestling website has a story on Eddie Edwards recent knee surgery. 

One Night Only: Turning Point 2017 will premiere on pay-per-view and the Fite App following Thursday's Impact Wrestling.   You can download the Fite App for free for your cell phone or mobile device, by clicking here.    The App can be streamed from your phone to Samsung Smart TVs as well as Roku devices, as long as the devices are on the same wifi network.  To order the show directly and watch it on the Fite.TV website, click here.

The One Night Only: Turning Point lineup features:

*The Veterans Of War (Mayweather & Wilcox) vs. Mario Bokara & Fallah Bahh.

*Laurel Van Ness (w/Kongo Kong) vs Ava Storie.

*Mahabali Shera vs. Marshe Rockett.

*Matt Morgan vs. KM.

*Davey Richards vs. Suicide.

*Rosemary vs. Sienna.

*Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake.

*Impact champion Bobby Lashley vs. Moose.

Impact has released new shirts for Alberto el Patron, Allie, Josh Mathres, LAX, Moose and yes, a Jeff Jarrett "Listen up Slapnuts" shirt at,

Allie on Looking Forward to Visiting India:

Anthem Media issued the following:

Anthem's FNTSY Sports Network and Fight Network Launch on go90™

Partnership Expands Anthem's Mobile Footprint with Clips from FNTSY Sports Network's Daily Shows, Fight Network's Extensive Content Library













NEW YORK | TORONTO – Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. announced today that FNTSY Sports Network, the world’s first and only channel dedicated to fantasy sports, and Fight Network, the world’s premier multi-platform combat sports channel, have launched on go90.


“The launch of Anthem’s flagship properties FNTSY Sports Network and Fight Network on the go90 platform is an important step in our mobile expansion strategy,” said Leonard Asper, CEO of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. “The service reaches mobile phone users across the U.S., creating a new national platform for viewer consumption and conversation. Our original and timely premium content is a perfect fit for the service, fueling combat sports fans with exclusive fights and digital features, while giving fantasy sports players an edge with the latest picks, rankings, projections and much more.”


Anthem on go90 includes daily clips from FNTSY Sports Network’s staple shows, including HotRoster Todayhosted by Garion Thorne and Cam Stewart, the Pat Mayo Hour featuring award-winning fantasy sports expert Pat Mayo, Morency Unfiltered and Game Time Decisions, hosted by the outspoken Gabriel Morency, Home Ice Advantage with Chris Meaney, plus FNTSY Mixtape, highlighting the best short-form content featuring Corey Parson, Tim Gilbert, Ashley Docking and more. Fight Network will feature coverage all the biggest events in the combat sports world, exclusive interviews with top personalities and fighters, original productions such as Retrospective and Tristar Stories, plus fights and events from its extensive programming line-up. Watch Anthem’s FNTSY Sports Network and Fight Network on or the go90 app available on iOS or Android.


Available across all U.S. wireless carriers, go90 is currently delivering over 25,000 hours of live and on-demand sports from the top leagues in football, basketball, soccer and more.


FNTSY Sports Network is the world’s first and only 24/7 television network designed from the ground up toinform, engage and entertain the more than 60 million enthusiasts who play fantasy sports annually and on adaily basis. The destination channel for fantasy sports players, its schedule includes exciting live studioprogramming, call-in shows, expert panels, celebrity and expert drafts, reality programming and on-sitecommentary from sports venues, as well as short-form programming from the experts around the continent,providing fantasy sports discussion and analysis for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey,NASCAR and other sports. It also includes a fantasy sports “ticker” that features the most information available on a single screen. It airs on over 20 cable, satellite and IPTV platforms in the U.S. and Canadaand on streaming services including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox, Pluto TV and Smart TV platforms such as Xumo, as well as globally on digital and social platforms.


Fight Network is a 24/7 HD multi-platform channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports. It airsprograms focused on the entire scope of the combat sports genre, including mixed martial arts, boxing,kickboxing, professional wrestling, traditional martial arts, fight news and analysis, as well as fight-themeddrama, reality series, documentaries and feature films. Fight Network’s dynamic programming lineup includeslive events from around the world and extensive news coverage. Fight Network is distributed on cable,satellite and IPTV systems in the U.S., Canada and over 30 countries across Europe, Africa and the MiddleEast, as well as globally on streaming services including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Pluto TV, as well as globally on digital and social platforms.

FNTSY Sports Network and Fight Network are subsidiaries of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp.

Thanks to Paul Jordan for all his help.

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