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By Mike Johnson on 2017-05-02 10:03:00

As broke yesterday, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has agreed in principal to purchase the rights and assets of the National Wrestling Alliance.

For those who have asked, has confirmed that there are zero tape libraries involved in the purchase and that the NWA On Demand streaming website (which utilizes the Boesch family library from Houston) is also not involved.  Corgan is not buying any footage as part of this purchase we are told.

We are told that the plan, once Corgan and the NWA finalize the sale and Corgan owns the assets, is for Corgan to evalutate and assess the brand and build a plan for going forward.  We are told this is not a situation where Corgan will buy the brand and the next day, start making big moves.  This is the first in many, many steps.

Dave Lagana is 100% on board with the project and is working with Corgan.  No word yet on Matt Conway.  Given that Lagana has been putting so much work into creating documentaries, one would assume that sort of presentation is part of their plan for the NWA as they move forward.

For those who have asked what happens to the NWA members, well, there are no members anymore.  Under Bruce Tharpe, the organization was instead selling licenses for promoters to use the NWA initials.  We are told that those licenses will eventually expire but obviously, all options are still on the table as Corgan decides his direction and strategy.   Tharpe controls 100% of the NWA brand name, so he would have the complete right to sell the brand and its trademarks without anyone else trying to veto the move.

There has been no talk of talents on board with the Corgan NWA project yet at all.  We are told they are focusing on completing the sale and building their plans and strategies for the NWA brand name.


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