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By Paul Crockett on 2017-04-26 09:43:00

Impact Wrestling star Bram was pulled off the Pro Wrestling NOAH tour, where he had been teaming with Robbie E.  

Bram posted a photo of himself on Instagram laying atop of a "Family Mart" convenience store freezer ice cream display on social media on 4/24 prior to NOAH's event at Giuroku Plaza.  When the photo was posted online, the promotion deemed it inappropriate, leading to NOAH's chairman Masayuki Uchida making a public apology. News of the suspension from the tour was carried by Tokyo Sports in Japan.  The image has obviously been deleted.  

Uchida told Tokyo Sports that Bram "sincerely" apologized and that he took the image of the company very seriously.  The promotion announced they would hold a workshop with talents to make it clear what was not appropriate behavior for them when they are representing NOAH.

Kasma Sakamoto will be replacing the newly suspended Bram teaming with Robbie E for the last leg of the Global Tag League tournament.

Thanks to Paul Jordan as well.

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