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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-25 10:27:00

Jeff Jarrett is in the UK for the World of Sport press conference on Monday.  The series will has a 10 episode order from ITV thus far.

Former TNA Wrestling employees J Seeman and Eric Tompkins returned to the Impact Wrestling production crew this week. Seeman was an audio producer for TNA while Eric Tompkins worked as a video editor and was considered one of the better editors TNA has had.    This followed the return of Kevin Sullivan as Vice President of Production after Jeff Jarrett returned to power.  Thanks to Himanshu Doi.

Bram and Robbie E are being listed as the new Bromans for Pro Wrestling NOAH's Global Tag League.

Kathering Caskey, who worked as John Gaburick's assistant, left the company this week after being with Impact for the past five years.

Pluto TV, a free service that streams all sorts of content via specialized channels, has added a pro wrestling channel, broadcasting content from TNA's video library, including best-of "Epics" collection episodes and PPVs from the company's fledgling days.  Thanks to Joe Mientus.

Paul Jordan sent the following....Impact Wrestling are doing a very Memphis style storyline à la Mister McMahon and Jerry Lawler with Crash Lucha.  Karen Jarrett appears in this video to explain


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