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By Martin Bentley on 2017-02-19 09:37:00

Pro Wrestling EVE held a double bill of shows on February 18th at the small Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, London, which is just across the road from York Hall where Revolution Pro Wrestling's big shows are held. About 150 people were packed in to see Japanese stars Meiko Satomura and Emi Sakura mix it with some of Europe's best female wrestlers.


1: Martina the Session Moth b. Jetta - really good comedy match. Martina is a bit like an Irish version of ODB, a party girl who loves to go out drinking. At one point, both Martina and Jetta ended up doing submission moves on the referee, and Jetta got the advantage when she convinced Martina that Nixon Newell was naked in the locker room (which in the building is visible from within the ring - Nixon wasn't naked for the record). Martina got the win with a lungblower.

2: Leah Owens b. Jinny - a lot of the fans know Jinny from her work in PROGRESS, and gave her massive heat as a result. Jinny spent most of the match calling Leah ugly, and slaps to the face played a big part in the match. Leah was able to get the win with a single leg Crab.

3: Kasey Owens b. Dahlia Black (w/TK Cooper) - this match went to the outside, where Dahlia and TK got involved with Martina, who was drinking at the bar. When TK tried to interfere, Martina came to ringside and argued with him, distracting Dahlia and allowing Kasey to roll her up for the pin, giving both Owens Twins wins on back to back matches.

4: The BAE Club (Debbie Sharp & Sammii Jayne) b. Laura Di Matteo & Rhia O'Reilly - some solid stuff here, with the Scottish duo of Jayne and Sharp asserting themselves well, Di Matteo continuing to grow in confidence, and O'Reilly as the company ace and champion. The BAE Club isolated O'Reilly and double teamed Di Matteo, with Jayne giving her a Michinoku Driver for the win - afterwards Jayne and Sharp attacked O'Reilly, with Jayne giving her a Michinoku Driver through two chairs.

5: Emi Sakura, Erin Angel & Nixon Newell b. Meiko Satomura, Nina Samuels & Shanna - great main event, with a loud reaction for Satomura in her UK debut. Everyone mixed in, particularly in the hot tag section when Satomura and Newell squared off. Shanna went to the top of the building where commentators Olly Hogben and Addy Starr were sat, and did a crossbody onto everyone. Sakura got the win with a moonsault on Samuels.

At the end of the show, EVE announced return dates of May 20th and 21st, that they would be launching Tag Team Championships in 2017, and will be holding a tournament in November, the She-1 Climax, with four shows in two days, featuring major worldwide female wrestlers.


1: Dahlia Black (w/TK Cooper) b. Martina the Session Moth - this played off the afternoon show, with Cooper getting involved on more than one occasion, including being on the receiving end of a Martina Bronco Buster. Cooper then stole Martina's can of White Ace Cider, and spat it in her face to allow Black to get the win.

2: Nina Samuels & Shanna b. The Owens Twins (Kasey Owens & Leah Owens) - this became somewhat of a handicap match early, with Samuels and Shanna attacking Kasey in the crowd before she could reach the ring. Leah tried to go it alone and kept it competitive for as long as she could, but the numbers game was too much, and Kasey crawled back in the ring a second too late for the pinfall.

3: Laura Di Matteo b. Debbie Sharp - this played off the afternoon show as well, with the BAE Club having given Di Matteo a black eye in their match. Sharp used bullying tactics to keep Di Matteo down, but Laura fought from underneath, hitting a Tornado DDT and then hooking Sharp in an Octopus hold to earn the submission.

4: Erin Angel b. Nixon Newell - on the surface, this was the most surprising result of the night, but as this is more than likely Nixon's final Pro Wrestling EVE show before she goes to the WWE Performance Center, this was her putting someone over on the way out. A great finishing stretch saw Angel avoid the Shiniest Wizard, and then counter Newell's Welsh Destroyer, leading to her hitting a Destroyer of her own to defeat Newell.

5: Meiko Satomura b. Sammii Jayne - unsurprisingly given Satomura's involvement, this was the best match of the day's two shows, but Jayne more than played her part here. Jayne worked a lot in Scotland with Nikki Cross, and she showed a lot of her mentor's talents in this match, not afraid to mix it up with a Joshi legend, and arguably the best female wrestler in the world right now. Jayne got a convincing near fall with a Michinoku Driver, but Satomura rallied back with her stiff kicks, and submitted Jayne with a cross armbreaker to a standing ovation from both the fans and the other wrestlers watching from the locker room.

6: Rhia O'Reilly b. Emi Sakura to retain the Pro Wrestling EVE Championship - this was a rematch from the November show, Sakura earned a second shot to regain the title she held four years ago by pinning O'Reilly in a tag team match on an XWA show. Whilst the November match was very good, this exceeded it. Sakura fought for a long period with a busted open mouth, bringing the fight to O'Reilly. The tide turned when Sakura missed a moonsault, allowing O'Reilly to hit her Rhiadjustment DDT to retain the title.

Pro Wrestling EVE returns on May 20th and 21st for a weekend of shows at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, ticket information will be at - their brother company XWA will be at the same venue on March 12th, featuring Kota Ibushi teaming with Gota Ihashi against Jimmy Havoc and Tom Dawkins, and Will Ospreay taking on Penta El Zero M in a dream match. Very few tickets remain at

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