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By Adam Cardoza & Michael Langan on 2016-12-04 09:24:00

Chikara Season 16 Finale

Chicago, IL 12/3/2016

Show #1 - "Temple of Doom"

Match 1: Juke Joint Lucas Calhoun beats Drew Gulak with a Samoan Drop.

Match 2: The Big Deal (Hornswoggle) & The Closers (Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice) beat The Submission Squad (Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy & Davey Vega) after Big Deal hits a tadpole splash on Vega.

Match 3: Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels beats Dez Peloton after a triple underhook flip splash.

Before intermission, Mike Quackenbush and the Chikara roster bring out Soldier Ant, who has a cane now. It's announced he must retire due to injuries suffered in the war with Nazmaldun. He is given a medal and salutes the crowd. Long "Thank you Soldier" to end the first half.


Match 4: Solo Darling beats Max Smashmaster after a flying stunner. Max's foot is on the ropes but the ref misses it.

Match 5: Los Ice Creams beat Cajun Crawdad & Hermit Crab after a clothesline/knee double team.

Main Event - Mask vs Mask: Frightmare beats Amasis after a 3rd Kneecolepsy. Amasis is unmasked. He apologizes to longtime Osirian Portal partner Ophidian and leaves his mask in the ring.

Show #2 - "Supremacy"

Match 1: Space Monkey & Silver Ant beats Juan Francisco de Coronado & Wani.

Match 2: Jeremy Leary beats Officer Warren Barksdale after a ref-distracted rollup.

Match 3: Chuck Taylor(tm) & DUSTIN beats NRG (Rack Jackson & Hype Rockwell) after Taylor(tm) capitalizes on DUSTIN's slingshot dropkick during a Hyperwheel.


Main Event - Cibernetico: Team Chikara (Dasher Hatfield, Heidi Lovelace, Kimber Lee, Oleg the Usurper, Thunderfrog, Missile Assault Man, Fire Ant, & Ophidian) vs Team Nazmadun (Hallowicked, Mark Angelosetti, Kobold, Kodama, Obariyon, Jigsaw, Frightmare, & Icarus).

Hallowicked pins Oleg after Never Wake Up.

Ophidian pins Frightmare after an Egyptian Destroyer.

Kodama pins Thunderfrog after a Skull Bronzer.

Mark Angelosetti pins Heidi Lovelace after a Toss Cutter.

Icarus pins Kimber Lee after a Blu-Ray.

Fire Ant pins Obariyon after a Brain Buster.

Fire Ant pins Kodama after a Brain Buster.

Fire Ant pins Kobold after a Tornado DDT.

Hallowicked pins Fire Ant after Never Wake Up.

Jigsaw pins Ophidian after a Brain Buster.

Missile Assault Man pins Jigsaw with a Rollup.

Missile Assault Man pins Icarus after a 2nd rope face-first Bucklebomb.

Hallowicked pins Missile Assault Man after Never Wake Up.

Dasher Hatfield pins Mark Angelosetti after a running sit-out Powerbomb.

Dasher Hatfield pins Hallowicked after reversing Never Wake Up into a Jackhammer.

Note: Main Event went 1 hour and 12 minutes. O_O

Post-match, Ophidian steals the Eye of Tyr from the wheelchair-bound UltraMantis Black. He rises from his chair, free from the curse of Nazmaldun, saying he remembers everything and chases the defeated Hallowicked from the ring. Is Mantis back???


After a “one more match” chant, Drew Gulak is out on the mic to say goodbye to the Chikarmy. He says Quack asked him for a list of people he'd like to have a match with on his way out. His first choice, brother Rory Gulak couldn't make the show but his 2nd pick....


Encore Match: Drew Gulak vs MIKE QUACKENBUSH! Crowd popped HUGE for Quack since this was only his 2nd live match since the Flood storyline a few years ago. They go 20 min before Gulak taps out Quack with a Dragon Sleeper. Crowd gives a standing ovation and “Thank You Both”. Gulak thanks the crowd for the memories and thanks Quack for the match. Quack says he's excited that what everyone in Chikara has known about Drew Gulak for years will soon be discovered by the rest of the world.

Chikara streamed the encore on their Facebook and can be found here:

The rest of the card will certainly make its way to their Chikaratopia On-Demand service in the next few months:

That's it for Chikara Season 16. Looks like a pretty exciting show and I look forward to seeing the full release! Until next time!

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