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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-21 11:38:00

For those who missed it last night, Shane McMahon was hurt taking a spear from Roman Reigns in mid-air, crashing down rudely.  He was removed from the Raw vs. Smackdown Elimination match after he failed to kick out from a pinfall attempt and appeared to be out on his feet.  It was serious enough that Randy Orton broke "character" to reassure McMahon's sons, who were sitting in the first row.

While sources declined to comment on what the injury is, they would concede that McMahon was indeed hurt and was treated backstage.    We were told that he was in a lot of pain leaving the Arena last night. 

So, for those who have written asking whether WWE eliminated McMahon in that fashion to protect him from losing, that was not the case.

If and when we hear more, we will update.

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