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By Martin Bentley on 2016-11-14 09:02:00

SHIMMER Volumes 89 and 90 Results from Sunday November 13th at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois:


DARK MATCH: Sonya Strong b. Heather Monroe

DARK MATCH: Angie Skye b. Kate Carney

Cherry Bomb b. Solo Darling

Thunderkitty b. Taeler Hendrix

Nixon Newell b. LuFisto

Mia Yim b. Kennadi Brink

Kimber Lee b. Samantha Heights

BaleSpin (KC Spinelli & Xandra Bale) b. The Rejected (Christina Von Eerie & Hudson Envy)

Jessicka Havok b. Allysin Kay

FOUR WAY MATCH: Nicole Matthews b. Candice LeRae, Kay Lee Ray and Rhia O'Reilly

NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Shazza McKenzie b. Shayna Baszler (w/Nicole Savoy)

SHIMMER TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Mount Tessa (Tessa Blanchard & Vanessa Kraven) b. Slap Happy (Evie & Heidi Lovelace) (c) - NEW CHAMPIONS

Mercedes Martinez (w/Nicole Savoy) b. Dulce Garcia

SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Kellie Skater (c) b. Cat Power

Shazza McKenzie required seven staples to close a wound in the back of her head sustained during her match with Shayna Baszler, and had to miss the Volume 90 taping.

Tessa Blanchard and Vanessa Kraven became the 11th SHIMMER Tag Team Champions, and these are both their first championships in SHIMMER.


Marti Belle b. Sonya Strong

Samantha Heights b. Nevaeh

Melanie Cruise b. Kiera Hogan

Cherry Bomb b. Leva Bates

LuFisto b. Solo Darling

Kay Lee Ray b. Nixon Newell

SHIMMER TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Mount Tessa (Tessa Blanchard & Vanessa Kraven) (c) b. BaleSpin (KC Spinelli & Xandra Bale)

FOUR WAY MATCH: Mia Yim b. Allysin Kay, Evie and Kimber Lee

Shayna Baszler (w/Nicole Savoy) b. Heidi Lovelace

BERWYN BUNKHOUSE BRAWL MATCH: Saraya Knight b. Nicole Matthews via TKO

SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Mercedes Martinez (w/Nicole Savoy & Shayna Baszler) b. Kellie Skater (c) - NEW CHAMPION

Mercedes Martinez became the 11th SHIMMER Champion, and the third two time champion, following Cheerleader Melissa and Madison Eagles. Kellie Skater now holds the record for the shortest reign as SHIMMER Champion at one day, although she did manage two successful title defences - despite being a two time champion, Martinez has yet to make any successful title defences.

LuFisto turned heel following her win over Solo Darling, attacking her after the match.

Saraya Knight was awarded a TKO victory in the Berwyn Bunkhouse Brawl over Nicole Matthews as a result of hanging Matthews by the neck over the ropes with a noose - all the show's referees and staff had to rescue Matthews and stop the match.

On a personal note, the best matches from each volume over the weekend were Evie & Heidi Lovelace vs. Kay Lee Ray & Mia Yim from Volume 86, Mercedes Martinez vs. Kellie Skater from Volume 87, Mickie James, Rhia O'Reilly & Saraya Knight vs. Nicole Matthews & The Kimber Bombs from Volume 88, Shazza McKenzie vs. Shayna Baszler from Volume 89 and Kay Lee Ray vs. Nixon Newell from Volume 90. Although SHIMMER are currently quite far behind on their DVD releases, make sure you check these matches out when they're released.

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