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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-07 09:19:00

One of the most talked about stories over the past 24 hours has been a backstage incident between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara on the current WWE European tour after the event in Leeds, England.  While we have yet to hear what sparked the issue, we've heard from multiple sources that there was a physical incident of some sort. 

One version that heard yesterday that was making the rounds is that the two had words over Cara's behavior.  The version of the story that has been passed on is that Cara struck first and Jericho bit him before the two were pulled apart.  That version included allegations that Jericho was yelling at Cara that he wouldn't be working for the company going forward. has NOT been able to independently verify that account with a second source.   

Update 1:12 PM: The Wrestling Observer is reporting the incident happened on a bus en route to Glasgow, Scotland from Leeds, England and that Cara was kicked off the company's bus following the incident.  Their version is that Jericho confronted Cara for noises he was making on the bus.

We also want to note that WWE has not, as of this writing, returned requests for comment.

While normally we would wait for a second sourcing on the story, what is interesting to note is that after we were told the account of the incident, Jericho posted an Instagram video, sporting what appears to be a somewhat blackened left eye, joking about how he always wanted to be a zombie and if anyone hears of him biting someone's face off, it should be blamed on bath salts, as they were in his hotel room.  So, one could surmise Jericho was making a reference to the situation:

Also interesting to note that MLW's Twitter account, likely run by Court Bauer, retweeted a screenshot from the WWE 2KI17 videogame featuring Sin Cara standing over a KO'd Chris Jericho in a locker room.  Jericho responded publicly to that, tweeting:

While he denied he was knocked out, Jericho did not deny there was an incident between he and Cara.  Since Jericho opted to go public with references to the story, we opted to move forward with reporting what we have heard from the aforementioned source.

It should be interesting to see if one or both are reprimanded at Raw today and whether there is any other fallout. 

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