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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-04 11:32:00

TNA majority owner Dixie Carter held a locker room meeting last night prior to the TNA Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida.    According to several sources we have spoken to, Carter spoke to talents about a number of different issues and allowed talents to ask questions.

One of the issues we were told was discussed was regarding late payments to the talents and Carter stated that there are times were payments are made late, stating that is because TNA is waiting for money they are owed to come in.

Carter was also asked about rumors that WWE was about to buy the promotion.   Carter, we are told, acknowledged that WWE wanted to purchase but stated that she would not let that happen, although she could have.  Carter also stated that the company still owns their own tape library in regard to rumors that WWE was purchasing that.

Carter made it clear that she is still the majority owner of TNA but acknowledged there has been some in-fighting and a power struggle amongst the other owners of the company.

In regard to the financial issues leading into Bound for Glory, Carter said that the show was never not going to happen but acknowledged that they "scrambled" leading up to the PPV.

We are told that Carter acted surprised that everyone was so up in arms and worried about the status of the company and apologized to the locker room that there was so much concern and worry among them.

Amongst those that we spoke to, the feeling was that the locker room meeting did help alleviate some concerns, but there's obviously still a worry at the end of the day about where things may go after the company is done filming for the rest of the year.  But, there was respect for her stepping up and addressing the roster.

TNA President Billy Corgan was not present at the meeting.  PWInsider has been told by sources that he declined to attend the meeting.

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