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By Adam Cardoza on 2016-09-04 20:11:00

Chikara - King of Trios (Night Three) - 9/4/2016 Easton, PA

It's Night Three of Chikara Pro's yearly King of Trios tournament! We are down to the Final 4 teams in the main Trios tournament. We have the final match of the Rey de Voladores, Chikara's King of the high flyers mini-tournament. Plus, we have the yearly Tag Team Gauntlet match to look forward too!

King of Trios Semi-Final #1: Team Sendai Girls (Cassandra Miyagi, Dash Chisako and Meiko Satomuravs The Warriors Three (Oleg the Usurper, Princess KimberLee and ThunderFrog)

Cassandra & Oleg start with a test of strength but that doesn't work out as planned for Cassandra. Chaos erupts that results in Kimber with the Chikara special on Chisako. Satomura breaks it up. Frog lands a huge cannonball on Cassandra. Sendai triple team strikes on Oleg. Kimber and Satomura face off, the princess hitting a series of German suplexes and powerbomb pin. 

Finish: Sendai recovers and hits a series of dives on Kimber, who taps out when Satomura locks in a cross arm breaker.

King of Trios Semi-Final #2: Team Nazmaldun (Hallowicked, Icarus & Jigsaw) vs Team JWP (Command Bolshoi, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu

JWP attack right away, isolating each member of The Hexmen (as they were called today). Fight spills outside, Bolshoi hits a dive in everyone. Back in the ring, Hanako gets isolated by the Hexmen for a series of tandem attacks. Manami gets tagged in but suffers a similar fate. Bolshoi reverses a brain buster into a monster ddt. JWP hits a series of diving dropkicks and knees strikes on Hallowicked. Hexmen clear the ring and Wicked & Jigsaw hit Total Elimination on Manami . Hallowicked hits Go to sleepy hollow on Manami but he stops the pin. A Brain buster from Jigsaw but stops the pin. Wings of Icarus but he stops the pin. Ref warns Icarus but he goes for it again. 

Finish: The Hexmen are DQ'd for excessive unsportsmanlike violence. JWP advances to the Finals! We are guaranteed our first women's tournament winner!

Mark Angelocetti vs Arik Cannon

Back and forth chain wrestling to start to contest. Angelocetti works over Cannon's with holds and strikes. Cannon takes over with some big chops and almost wins with a crossface. Angelocetti's airplane spin bomb finish is reversed back into the crossface but he gets to the ropes. 

Finish: Angelocetti hits the belly to back face buster into the Colossal Bomb for the pin! 

The 2016 Tag Team Gauntlet

Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive and Flex Rumblecrunch) are out first! 

Their manager Sidney Bakabella comes out and runs them down! They were King of Trios and Campeonas de Parejas before and what happened!? They lost their fire! Their partner, Max Smashmaster is now here! He feigns being on his partners side tombstones Blaster, covering him with a DevCorp hoodie like a shroud. Flex screaming at Max & Sidney! NRG hits the ring!

Devastation Corporation vs NRG

NRG throws Flex out of the ring and pins the already downed Blaster McMassive.

NRG vs Team Big Deal (Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice)

Big Deal (formerly Hornswoggle) couldn't be at Trios but his bodyguards are! Race hits big dive on the heavies to start but they take control back quickly. They hit a series of power moves, all done "For the Boss". NRG holds their own but TBD hits the Deal Breaker to win (hart attack + world's strongest slam)

Team Big Deal vs Gentleman's Club (Drew Gulak & Orange Cassidy)

Drew fights both members of TBD while Orange takes his time getting to the ring. They almost finish drew but are tripped by Orange. Drew catches Caprice's leapfrog, and gets the pin with a wet willy assist from Orange.

Gentleman's Club vs Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)

Orange fakes a handshake and catches Exo's hand. She fights back and Drew is forced to roll Orange out of the ring himself to get into the match. Holds a huge torture rack on Vox. Orange tags in and gets the Orange Squeeze on Exo, who fishhooks him to escape. Vox traps Drew with an actual net. Orange juice mists Vox into a roll up!

Gentlemen's Club vs Cholera Me Badd (Cornelius & Sonny)

CMB are old timey bullies who have colds and sneeze on their opponents. This may also not be their OFFICIAL team name (but it sounds great, doesn't it?) O_O

Drew is still trapped under a fishing net. Orange is quickly pinned after a CMB hooks arms and slowly flips end over end into a splash pin.

Cholera Me Badd vs Los Ice Creams

The Ice Creams initially clear the ring but CMB quickly takes control and wins with that armhook tandem splash. 

Cholera Me Badd vs Dez Peloton

Dez Peloton are bicycle guys. One is orange, the other is blue. They refer to each other by a variety of different names through the match so I'm calling them Orange and Blue. Also. they have a handheld bicycle bell they ring at each other. 

CMB hits an armhook tandem hurrancanrana  (this armhook thing seems to be a staple of their tandem offense) but miss the transition to their finisher. Peloton with a double-sided big boot into a leapfrog rope backbreaker into a pedaling kick into German suplex combo. CMB takes control with a sneeze to blind Blue. Dez Peloton recovers and hits a double backdrop for the win!

Dez Peloton vs Rock Lobster & Hermit Crab

Lobster & Crab work over Orange with neck pinches (they ARE crustaceans!), a diving elbow and a few tandem submissions. Lobster misses a moonsault and gets rolled up by Blue.

Dez Peloton vs Prakash Sabar & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova

The former members of United Nations clean house, hitting Bronco busters & Spears! X factor by Prakash on Orange for the quick pin!

Prakash Sabar & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs DX (X-Pac & Billy Gunn)

The final team! It's DX!!! A confrontation 3 Trios in the making, X-Pac is here to confront the X-Pac knock-off Prakash Sabar. DX immediately lays into them with bronco busters and famassers. X-Pac pins Prakash! DX wins the Tag Gauntlet! 

Post-match, Billy Gunn says "suck it" on the mic, drawing the ire of the family friendly Chikara crowd. He apologizes. They forgive him. He says it again. X-Pac apologizes for forgetting to tell Billy that this was the one crowd he shouldn't say that in front of and thank everyone for coming!

Juke Joint Lucas Calhoun vs Chuck Taylor(tm)

Calhoun dances to ring in full-on Elvis gear. Chuck Taylor(tm) sang his way to the ring and runs down Calhoun and Elvis. He ruffles Calhoun's hair which prompts a beatdown, made hilarious since Chuck never lets go of the mic. Calhoun locks Chuck into the ropes and proceeds to lead the crowd in a conga line of chops, joined by several fans, some small children, at least one baby, Joey Styles, Senior Official Bryce Remsberg, Announcer Vlad Radinov and both members of Moustache Mountain. Back in the ring, Chuck Taylor(tm) tries to beg off and make friends but Calhoun hits a karate gut punch into a karate chop pin for the win!

Rey de Voladores Finals: Aerostar vs....

We are told RdV Finalist Frightmare is out due to injury is is replaced by the runner-up in his qualifier...

...Tony Nese!

A sequence of armdrag, pin combos and springboard dives from both participants to start. Nese's eye is busted open on a corkscrew splash. Aerostar hits a springboard armdrag into a somersault dive into the second row. Nese takes control with a series of kicks and sweep, followed by a face buster on the apron into an outside dive. Aerostar runs the second rope to hit a hurracanrana. Nese recovers with a split leg moonsault and one-armed buckle bomb. Aerostar throws him out and does a reverse trust fall dive. Nese comes back with a sit-out tombstone.

Finish: Aerostar hits a springboard Codebreaker into a Backstabber for the pin! This was awesome!

King of Trios Final Match: Team Sendai Girls (Cassandra Miyagi, Dash Chisako and Meiko Satomuravs Team JWP (Command Bolshoi, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu

JWP attacks at the bell! Cassandra and Hanako square off which transitions quickly to Bolshoi and Satomura. This pairing is a combined 50 years of in-ring experience and the crowd is hot for it. Satomura wears down Bolshoi with head and arm locks. Bolshoi break free into a striking exchange, but gets isolated by Sendai. JWP reverses and gangs up on Cassandra. Hanako & Chisako face off in a striking battle punctuated by armdrags, baseball slides and a missed frog splash. 

Chisako may have hurt her knee in the splash so Hanako works it over but Chisako brings it back with top rope cutter that Hanako answers with a shining wizard! Bolshoi tags in and locks up Chisako with an ankle lock & dragon sleeper. Bryce loses control as the teams start hitting big moves on each other until...

Finish: Satomura hits a Death Valley Driver on Manami for the pin!

Sendai Girls win King of Trios and are the Queen of Trios!

And that's it for King of Trios 2016, one of my favorite wrestling weekends of the year! I've posted a bunch of photos from the weekend on my Twitter (@juliusblaise), feel free to check them out! Till next time! ~A

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