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By Adam Cardoza on 2016-09-03 00:32:00

Chikara - King of Trios (Night One) - 9/2/2016 Easton, PA

It's the opening round of Chikara Pro's yearly King of Trios tournament! The 8 six-person tag matches will determine who moves on to Night 2! We may also gets some narrative advancement on the MANY plot threads that make up the Chikara universe. Bryce Remsnerg and JOEY STYLES arrive for commentary. We get an "OH MY GOD" to start the night off on the right foot!

The Batiri (Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon) vs Major League Moustache (Dasher Hatfield, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)

MLM looked strong in the early going, at one point hitting a pass-around suplex. Dasher ties up Kobold with own tail and almost gets the tap. Batiri takes over and beats on Dasher awhile until he was able to get his teammates into the fray. Tyler Bate hits a moonsault to the Batiri on the outside then they isolate Kodama.

Finish: Moustache Moutain hit a piledriver/brainbuster combo on Kodama for the pin. Good start to the show and an excellent showing for Dasher and the recently crowned Chikara Campeones de Parejas!

Team Police Squad (Bill Carr, Officer Warren Barksdale and Supercop Dick Justice) vs United Nations (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar and The Proletariat Boar of Moldova)

As always, United Nations has the slowest entrance of any team in professional wrestling. Crowd is hot for the "hot" cops. Police Squad gives UN a pat down. Dick Justice finds a pipe on Juan. UN attempts to escape but the cops hold them off with invisible guns. The run into the crowd but the crowd draws their invisible guns too and gets them back in the ring. UN finally takes control on Barksdale and until Carr gets the hot tag, hitting a slew of power moves including a huge black hole slam on Prakash. Fight spills to the outside where Carr lands a huge outside dive on everyone.

Finish: Barksdale is isolated again, leading to a X factor/Spear/cloverleaf combo, giving United Nations the win. After a few months of internal difficulties, it looks like the UN are finally on the same page (for now...)

The Colony (Fire Ant, Silver Ant and Soldier Ant) vs Team Big Deal (The Big Deal, Rick Roland and Sloan Caprice)

We found out before the show that The Big Deal (Former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle) was injured and out of the tournament. The drama was now "Do They replace HIM or the ENTIRE team?" In Chikara tradition, we draw Trios from a hat. No team could be found after 3 draws. THE SUBMISSION SQUAD ARRIVES!!! Pierre Abernathy, Davey Vega & Gary Jay are finally part of King of Trios!

Colony is in control for most of this, SS fighting back until Silver Ant starts showing sons of a shoulder injury. Vega isolates Silver and works over that over while Abernathy and Jay keep Fire and Soldier at bay. Silver refuses to tap and the Colony finally breaks free.

Finish: Colony hits the Ant Hill Splash on Davey Vega. This was fun and it was awesome to see the Submission Squad make their return!

Team Shimmer (Candice LeRae, Crazy Mary Dobson and Solo Darling) vs Team Original Divas Revolution (Jazz, Mickie James and Victoria)

Crowd is hot for this one! Strong technical wrestling from all competitors, shifting through the various one on one combinations. Crowd pops like crazy for Jazz vs Dobson. Solo drinks her mystery cup for energy and shares with Victoria. They hug until Solo eats a powerbomb. Dobson gets in and cleans house until the fight spills to the outside. Once back in the ring, we have a finisher fest to close out the match.

Finish: Victoria with Widow's Peak on Mary Dobson for pin. This was awesome. Crowd was hot, everyone looked strong.

Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Man and Worker Ant vs Hallowicked and two mystery partners

Match: Arctic Rescue Ant is now known as Bullet Ant. Recently corrupted to the side of Nazmaldun, Icarus is revealed as the first mystery partner. The second partner, entering under a hood is revealed as the recently returned Jigsaw! The crowd boos and jeers him as "Jerksaw".

The majority of this match was working over Bullet Ant. Hallowicked orders his team to do more while they keep Worker Ant at bay. Missile Assault Man spends the majority of the match huddled in the corner. MAN finally tags in and looks like a world beater until Hallowicked knocks him and they resume the beatdown.

Finish: Bullet Ant eats a team combo of Go 2 Sleepy Hollow, a brain buster, Wings of Icarus and a Never Wake Up

Team JWP (Command Bolshoi, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu) vs The Snake Pit (Amasis, Argus and Ophidian)

JWP stole the show in their last appearance at KoT 2012. This was a pretty even back and forth affair, with a mix of ariel and striking attacks. Ophidian and Bolshoi had some great lucha exchanges while Argus & Amasis tried to keep the ladies grounded. 

Finish: JWP hits a strike fest on Amasis, finally putting him down with a knee strike into a stepover pin.

Team Sendai Girls (Cassandra Miyagi, Dash Chisako and Meiko Satomura) vs Heidi Lovelace and N_R_G (Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon)

Where the previous match had a bunch of lucha spots, this match was all about the strong style. Hype Rockwell plays big man, throwing the Sendai Girls around. Race plays the overconfident role, falling victim to reversals. Heidi takes it to them. Stiff kicks between Heidi and Satomura. Heidi takes time to work over Chisano's knees. It's worth noting how wonderfully expressive Heidi Lovelace's face is. Miyagi clears the ring allowing Satomura to isolate Race Jackson.

Finish: Satomura hits a Death Valley Driver on Race Jackson to get the pin

Team #CWC (Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak and Johnny Gargano) vs The Warriors Three (Oleg the Usurper, Princess KimberLee and ThunderFrog)

The biggest theme (joke) of this match was "What has Team CWC learned in Florida?". Team CWC forces Bryce to do a CWC match-style intro & handshake with the Warriors Three. Thunderfrog's hammer was left in the ring but CWC can't pick it up. Thunderfrog moves his hammer for them and the match begins.

A student/teacher matchup starts this off as Kimber and Gulak work a few awesome technical minutes with each other. Kim & Frog square off with each member of CWC until Oleg is able to clean house, eating up the Sami Zayn-style "Oleg Oleg Oleg" chants.

Gargano/Cedric hits Thunderfrog with a "Whazzup" and Gargano tells Cedric to "Get the Hammer". They aren't worthy (still) so Thunderfrog has to help the entire team loft it, and that tosses them around with it. Princess Kimber Lee declares Frog her prince but they eat a triple superkick. More goofs as Cedric has frog in a headlock, Gargano reminding him to turn to the hard camera. 

Cedric hits an awesome dive to the outside and then a full team suplex. More goods! A triple "You can't see me" into a triple Pedigree! Triple kick out! Kim german suplexes everyone until the crowd chants "Suplex Kingdom". Gulak locks a Dragon sleeper on Kim. She breaks out and eats a Lawn Dart/Lumbar Check combo from Gargano/Cedric. Oleg makes the save! Cedric's hits his back breaker/superkick pin combo Oleg kicks out.

Finish: Oleg dodges a dive from Cedric and hits Off with his Head! The Warriors Three win! This was an awesome main event that showcased some excellent technical wrestling mixed with the goofy fun-filled madness that is Chikara.

And that's it for Night One! Check back at PWInsider for more results through the weekend and keep an eye on my Twitter (@juliusblaise) for live in-the-moment results and pictures!




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