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By Mike Johnson on 2016-08-23 01:41:00

The Dudley Boyz' farewell tonight on Raw was a legitimate one as Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley officially departed the company tonight and are once again free agents, has confirmed. reported several weeks ago that the team had come to terms for a new deal with the company.  Sources indicate that while that was correct, the new deals had not yet been officially executed and at some point over the last seven days, WWE and the Dudleys amicably agreed to part ways and that the team would finish out on Raw, dropping the teased split of the team that had been built over the last several weeks. 

The angle with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson laying out the Dudleys was designed to put some heel heat on The Club for ruining The Dudleys' farewell as well as leave a door open for a storyline if at some point the two sides decide to do business again.

We are told that when the farewell segment was over and Bubba Ray and D-Von returned to the locker room, the entire Raw roster as well as all of WWE management, including the McMahons, were waiting for them to give them a standing ovation and to greet them.

What the Dudleys' next move will be remains unclear as of this writing.  The team returned last year to WWE, appearing for the company for the first time since June 2005.  They had a run with WWE Tag Team champions New Day but of late, had not been in a featured position.  The planned split appeared to be poised to set up Bubba Ray Dudley for a singles run.

Prior to their 2015 WWE return, the team had split up during their time in TNA, which led to Bubba Ray getting the biggest singles push of his career under his "Bully Ray" moniker, including a run with the TNA championship.  

The pair operate the Team 3D Wrestling Academy outside of Orlando, Florida.

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