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By Mike Johnson on 2016-07-28 14:41:00

WWE released three talents from NXT deals this morning, has confirmed:

Josh Woods - A former national wrestling champion, amateur MMA fighter and 4-time All American who wrestled for UCF.  Woods had worked under a mask on NXT events and worked under his real name on NXT TV but was never in any role beyond putting over other talents.

ZZ Loupe - The biggest name of the trio who were released, ZZ, 20, went all the way to the finals of the 2014 incarnation of "Tough Enough" thanks to his personality becoming popular with viewers.  He was signed despite not winning and was featured on the WWE Network's "Breaking Ground" reality series, which focused on NXT talents.  He never made his NXT TV debut.  He had been presented on each series as lacking the motivation to get himself conditioned enough as a pro wrestler.  Very young, it's always possible he may get another look down the line, especially if he hits the independent scene and makes a buzz for himself on that level.  Loupe's release was first reported by

Tom Kingdon - Hired in April 2015, Kingdon, 29, was a former standout for Traverse City, Michigan West High School's football team and a former champion bodybuilder before being signed.  He had been working live events but I don't believe made it to WWE NXT TV.


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